Music Go Round Is The World’s Largest Musical Instrument Resale Franchise With Retail Locations Throughout The U.S.

Our Mission

The mission of Music Go Round is to provide musicians, producers, and sound creators easy access to a wide selection of the latest, specialty music gear not easily found at ordinary music instrument stores. We aim to cater not just to traditional musicians, but especially electronic, computer-based, experimental, and DJ artists who use technology in innovative ways.

Beyond simply selling equipment, our goal is to build an welcoming, open community centered around the gear itself. We strive to make our warehouse store feel more like a creative studio where people can discover new sounds together. With our in-house expertise, we seek to educate about all the possibilities of musical technology.

New Arrival


Why Choose us

Welcome to Music Go Round – Your Premier Used Music Gear Shop

Unrivaled Selection and Variety

With nearly 200 stores across the country, we have an absolutely massive selection of high-quality, used musical items for you to choose from. Guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, PA gear, recording equipment – you name it, one of our stores likely has it in stock. Even better, our nationwide inventory is integrated, so you can easily shop items from any of our locations. If you don’t see what you want at your local store, we’ll find it at another store and have it shipped to you.

Fair Market Value Pricing

Some used instrument shops price gouge and try to maximize profits – not us. We pride ourselves on pricing items fairly based on market value data. This means you’ll get amazing deals compared to buying gear brand new. It also means we stand behind the value of what we sell. Our gear is priced to sell quickly while also fairly compensating the sellers.

Top Brand Name Gear

From Fender to Roland to Zildjian and beyond – all the big names are well-represented in our stores. We carefully inspect and test every piece of gear that comes through our doors to ensure quality and playability. Rest assured that our stores are packed with top-tier musical equipment from the industry’s leading brands.

In-House Servicing and Repairs

Many of our stores have full-service repair shops staffed by experienced technicians. This allows us to fix up and fine-tune gear before selling it to ensure it meets our strict playability standards. We want our musicians to stay focused on playing music, not dealing with equipment issues. Our techs can get your gear gig-ready fast.

Generous Trade-In and Consignment Offers

Have some old gear collecting dust? Trade it in with us for something new-to-you! We make fair cash and in-store credit offers based on current demand trends. Can’t find anything you want right now? We also offer generous consignment rates for those looking to sell their unused equipment for extra cash. Music Go Round makes it easy to refresh your musical tools.

Awesome Customer Service

Our friendly staff aren’t just salespeople – they are fellow musicians with decades of combined experience. They can answer any questions about specifications, features, sound profiles, accessories, maintenance, and more across all instrument types. And their passion for music matches their expertise – they truly enjoy helping customers find the perfect gear.

Special Financing Options

Big purchases can strain the wallet. That’s why we offer Music Go Round Credit – special financing plans to help spread costs over multiple months. We also accept major third-party financing like Affirm. Our flexible payment options make that dream music gear or studio upgrade more affordable.

Frequent Sales Events

Keep an eye out for our many seasonal sales events and holiday specials. We run weekly deals offering big discounts on select gear to keep things fresh. Subscribe to our newsletter for early access to flash sales throughout the year. The next can’t-miss bargain could be right around the corner!

Consistent Inventory Refresh

With constant buying and selling, our inventory shifts daily. Regularly check back to discover fresh used finds every time you visit. We get exciting, high-demand pieces as soon as they hit the second-hand market. The gem you’ve been searching for may have just arrived on our shelves!

Supporting Music Education

Music Go Round maintains strong ties with school music programs across the country. We regularly donate used instruments to support music education. Purchasing our gently used gear helps fund the next generation of musicians – now that’s an impact we can all feel good about.

Environmentally Sustainable

By giving used gear new life rather than sending it to the landfill, Music Go Round embodies the values of reuse and sustainability. Upwards of $1 billion worth of music equipment sits in homes, gathering dust. Together, we can cut back on waste and unnecessary production through buying, selling and trading quality used instruments.

Family Feel

From our founders to our store staff – the Music Go Round crew feels like family. We share common bonds through our passion for music. Our customers return again and again because we provide not just gear, but genuine connection. Join the Music Go Round community today for an experience that hits all the right notes!

In Summary – Why Music Go Round?

If I had to boil down all the reasons Music Go Round should be your #1 choice for used musical equipment into just three key ideas, they would be:

Unmatched Breadth of Inventory – With nearly 200 integrated stores nationwide, we quite simply have the country’s largest selection of high-quality, used music gear for sale or trade-in. If you don’t see it at your location, we’ll find it at another store and ship it.

Fair Value Prices – Our prices are thoroughly researched based on real market demand trends to offer musicians incredible deals while also fairly compensating sellers and maintaining profitable business operations. In other words, it’s win-win for all.

Genuine Passion for Music – From our seasoned staff who live and breathe music daily to our robust support of school music education programs, we are truly invested in helping musicians acquire the tools they need while also giving back to our communities.

On behalf of the entire crew, I sincerely hope you’ll give Music Go Round a try for your used instrument and gear needs. We can’t wait to connect over our shared love of music and get you set up with your next favorite piece of musical magic!


What Our Customers Are Saying

Music Go Round is the largest musical instrument resale franchise in the US with over 75 stores nationwide. As a used gear retailer, we offer amazing deals on quality, gently used equipment. Shopping with us allows you to get premium items at discounted prices, plus we donate a portion of every sale to music education programs. It’s a win-win!

Our stores are packed with treasure – you never know what gems you might uncover. We carry everything from guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, PA gear and more. And our prices can’t be beat.

Come discover deals and support music education at the same time!

Shopping for used gear means scoring quality equipment for cheap. Take guitars for example – you can find premium brands like Fender, Gibson, and Taylor for hundreds less than retail prices. It’s because we acquire inventory from other players who are looking to sell.

The gear is nearly always in fantastic shape because musicians take good care of their instruments. Plus our techs thoroughly test everything to ensure it meets our high standards before hitting the sales floor.

In the end, you get an incredible deal on an instrument you’ll love playing for years. All the perks of buying new without the inflated price tag!

Used gear = big value. Shop now to upgrade your rig on a budget!

We offer a 48-hour return policy on most items to ensure you have time to thoroughly test out your purchase. As long as the item is returned in original condition within 48 hours of purchase, you will receive a full refund minus a 15% restocking fee.

Returns outside the 48-hour window may still be accepted on a case-by-case basis, but may be subject to additional restocking fees.

All returns must include original product packaging, manuals, accessories, etc. We also kindly ask you handle instruments with care during your trial period to keep them in sellable condition.

Please visit your local Music Go Round or contact us online for full details on returning specific items. We want you to love what you buy!

Try gear worry-free with our 48-hour return policy!

Our experienced buyers evaluate every piece of inventory based on condition, brand, age, desirability, collectability, and retail value. We determine fair market prices using real-time data from completed sales and listings for comparable gear.

Pricing also considers what competes with our item both locally and nationally. Our goal is to beat competitors’ prices for similar offerings. This way our customers enjoy exceptional savings while supporting music education.

Rest assured the price stickered on a piece reflects its true value. We want you to feel good about every purchase! If you ever feel something is mispriced, please talk to a manager right away so we can adjust.

Competitive pricing you can count on. We’ve got the best deals in town!

For your convenience Music Go Round gladly accepts cash, credit/debit cards, and checks with valid ID. We welcome Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Additionally, approved business accounts can use purchase orders and net terms billing. Please contact our corporate office to establish a business account.

Build your ultimate gear collection on a payment plan using one of our Music Go Round credit cards! We offer special financing options that allow you to divide your purchase over 6 or 12 months. It makes acquiring that dream guitar or big ticket item more affordable.

Contact us anytime to discuss customized payment solutions for large orders, vintage collections, and rare finds!

Flexible payment options fit every budget and buying need!