6Pcs/pack Folk Guitar String Steel Core Guitar Strings Set Practice Replacement Part Accessory For Acoustic Folk Guitar Acoustic Guitar Strings Steel Guitar Strings 6 String Set Folk Guitar Strings 6


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Feel like your acoustic folk guitar could use a refresh? Give it an upgrade with this quality 6-pack of steel core guitar strings! Specially designed for folk style guitars, these strings will give you bright, balanced tones and pleasant sound. The stainless steel cores ensure durability and long-lasting quality.

Get Clear, Resonant Tones from Your Folk Guitar

When your guitar strings start to sound dull or develop a metallic buzz, it’s time for a change! Old strings lose their intonation and tone. Don’t put up with lackluster sound from your folk guitar. Install this 6-pack of steel core strings for improved volume and resonance. The strings feature precise wrapping that enhances vibration for better sound production. You’ll get that crisp, vibrant tone that makes folk guitars so iconic. The steel core construction prevents premature breakage so you can play on and on. Why settle for tired old strings when you can experience passionate, pleasing tones from a fresh set?

Designed Specifically for Acoustic Folk Guitars

These strings are tailored to bring out the best in your acoustic folk guitar. The lighter gauge steel strings are perfect for achieving that bright, balanced folk tone. Other string materials can sound muddy on folk guitars, but these steel cores remain clean and focused. The phosphor bronze winding also enhances articulation and clarity. The result is the authentic, pleasing tone that you want from your prized folk instrument. Experience rich overtones and articulated notes across all six strings. The optimized folk guitar string set fits the smaller neck scale length of most folk guitars. Get ready to hear your guitar’s natural resonance sing.

Durable Steel Cores for Long-Lasting Strings

Don’t want to keep replacing your guitar strings? These steel cores are designed for longevity. The high carbon steel is resistant to stretching, warping and corrosion. You’ll get great tuning stability that keeps your guitar sounding its best. The tightly wrapped winding maintains consistent tension over time so you don’t have to deal with strings that constantly detune. The steel material also produces clear notes without distortion. Enjoy the same vibrant, balanced tone from these strings over many practice sessions and performances. They’ll hold their intonation and deliver dynamic sound for much longer than traditional nickel alloy strings. Get more playability out of every set!

Easy Installation, No Special Tools Needed

Save yourself time and hassle with these quick and easy installing strings. Forget complicated string changes that require special bridges or intricate winding. These steel strings go on just like any standard folk guitar set. The ends fit cleanly through your folk guitar’s tuning posts for smooth stringing. Just unwrap, align and tune each string in sequence from the 6th to 1st. The clearly marked string sizes make it easy to position the correct gauges in place. Tune up using the tuning machines and get playing in no time. The strings seat and stretch themselves out naturally from there. Enjoy simple upkeep for your instrument.


  • Set includes 6 steel core strings
  • String gauges: .010 .014 .024 .032 .042 .053 inches
  • Phosphor bronze winding
  • Corrosion-resistant steel cores
  • Clear natural tones
  • Tight windings for durability
  • Easy installation
  • Fits acoustic folk guitars

Get More from Your Favorite Folk Guitar

Don’t you want to experience the true potential of your acoustic folk guitar? With dull strings, you’re missing out on the instrument’s finely-crafted sound. Give your strings a refresh and get ready to be impressed by the difference. These steel core folk guitar strings will liven up your playing with brighter tone and pleasing, balanced articulation. Enjoy greater volume, longevity and stability compared to stock strings. When it’s time to change your strings, choose the set specially engineered for folk guitars. Your acoustic instrument will sing with renewed passion and energy. Get the most out of your treasured guitar and bring your music to life with these folk strings today!


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