9.8ft MIDI Din Extension Cable for Keyboards, Synths, Sound Cards


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Make Music Flow with this Sturdy and Durable MIDI Cable

Connecting your musical equipment for seamless MIDI signal flow is a breeze with the 9.8ft MIDI Din Extension Cable. With a PVC cable sheath and molded connectors, this high-quality cable securely transmits MIDI data between keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, sound modules, and more.

Plug-and-Play MIDI Connectivity

The MIDI cable features a 5-pin DIN male connector on one end and a 5-pin DIN female connector on the other. Just plug it into the MIDI OUT port of your MIDI controller and the MIDI IN port of your synth module, computer interface, or other device. No setup or configuration needed! The cable is immediately ready to send and receive MIDI messages for controlling your gear and recording music.

Reliable Construction for Long Life

Built to last through countless gigs and sessions, the rugged MIDI extension cable has a flexible PVC jacket that’s resistant to kinks and cracks. The molded strain relief gives added protection and durability for the solder connections. Count on this high-quality cable to deliver reliable performance for years of music making.

Wide Compatibility for All Your MIDI Gear

This MIDI cable is broadly compatible with any devices that use 5-pin DIN MIDI connections. Use it to connect keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, grooveboxes, MIDI interfaces, mixers, and more. Great for stringing multiple MIDI devices together to build a studio setup. Works with gear from brands like Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Arturia, Akai Professional, MOTU, Native Instruments, and others.

Long 9.8ft Length for Convenient Placement

The generous 9.8ft cable length lets you easily link MIDI devices that need to be positioned further apart in your studio or stage setup. Gives you the flexibility to arrange your equipment just the way you want it without worrying about short cable reach. Long enough to handle most applications.

Protect Your Investment

Avoid signal loss and potential damage to MIDI ports by using this high-quality shielded cable instead of generic unshielded cables. The molded strain relief and durable PVC jacket prevent fraying, shorts, and loose connections even with continual flexing and handling. Depend on this cable to keep your gear running smoothly during intense creative sessions and live shows.


– Length: 9.8ft
– Connectors: 5-pin DIN male to 5-pin DIN female
– Cable gauge: 28 AWG
– Cable jacket: PVC
– Molded strain relief

Experience Reliable MIDI Connectivity

Take your music setup to the next level with the convenience and reliability of this 9.8ft MIDI extension cable. Transmit MIDI data between devices with zero latency over the secure shielded connections. The rugged construction ensures long-lasting dependable performance session after session. Order now to effortlessly integrate MIDI into your creative workflow.

Compatible With:

– MIDI keyboards
– Digital pianos
– Synthesizers
– Drum machines
– Samplers
– Sound modules
– MIDI interfaces
– Audio interfaces with MIDI ports
– Mixing consoles with MIDI I/O
– MIDI patch bays
– Stage pianos
– MIDI controllers
– And any other devices that support 5-pin DIN MIDI connections

Technical Specs:

– Length: 9.8 feet
– Connector 1: 5-pin DIN male
– Connector 2: 5-pin DIN female
– Cable gauge: 28 AWG
– Cable diameter: 0.25 inches
– Cable jacket material: PVC
– Cable shielding: Yes
– Molded strain relief connectors
– Circuit: Wired straight through with all 5 pins connected

Package Includes:

– 1 x 9.8ft MIDI Cable, 5-pin DIN Male to Female


– Reliable MIDI connectivity between keyboards, synthesizers, sound modules and more
– PVC cable sheath for flexibility and durability
– Molded connectors and strain relief for secure connections
– Long 9.8ft length allows freedom in studio layout
– Shielded cable prevents interference and signal loss
– Plug-and-play connectivity, no setup required
– Broad compatibility with MIDI devices from any brand
– Transmits MIDI data with zero latency
– Easy to install and convenient to use
– Long-lasting construction for frequent use

Don’t settle for cheap cables that could short out and damage your gear. This high-quality shielded MIDI cable is built to provide years of glitch-free MIDI transfers for your most intense studio sessions and live performances.

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