Abaodam 10 Pack Guitar Effect Pedal Control Knobs


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Upgrade your guitar pedals and amps with this set of 10 textured amplifier knobs from Abaodam. These durable plastic knobs help you customize your sound by replacing worn out pots or changing the look and feel of your effects pedals.


  • Set of 10 knobs in 5 colors/textures
  • Fits 6.5mm D-shafts
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Textured grip for easy turning
  • For electric guitar, bass, and amplifier effects
  • Replaces worn out knobs on pedals and amps
  • Change the style and control of your gear
  • Fits most brands like Boss, MXR, EHX, TC Electronics

Customize Your Tone

The knobs on your pedals and amps take a lot of wear and tear. Replace cracked, slippery or broken knobs with this set to restore full tonal control over your effects. The textured plastic material provides a solid grip for precise adjustments, while the colorful options liven up your pedalboard.

Whether you want new knobs to match the vibe of your rig, or need to replace busted pots, this affordable set has you covered. The 6.5mm shafts fit most major guitar pedal brands like Boss, MXR, EHX, TC Electronics and more. Install is quick and easy with no modifications needed.

Built to Last

Crafted from durable plastic, these control knobs are made to handle constant use from regular gigging and practice sessions. The textured finish looks great and provides extra grip, even on sweaty stages or in cramped pedalboards.

Choose from 5 cool color combinations like black silver, green black, red black, white gray and yellow gray. Mix and match to personalize your pedalboard, or go for a unified look. The knurled texture adds stylish detail while helping you dial in tones with precision.

Customize Your Sound

Changing your guitar knobs not only improves the look of your gear, but can enhance your overall sound. Add instant mojo to a dull pedal by installing knobs with a vintage or unique shape. The physical size, grip and motion of a knob impacts how you interact with effects.

Bigger knobs allow broader sweeps, while smaller ones give more precise control. The textured surface on this set combines easy spinning with positive traction. Find the right feel to shape your tone exactly how you like it.

Take Your Rig to the Next Level

Breath new life into your pedals and amps with this set of 10 control knobs. Simply remove the old knob and fasten the new one onto the D-shaft. In seconds you’ve upgraded your gear with no special tools or skills needed.

Whether modernizing old effects or replacing busted pots, these textured knobs check every box:

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Textured grip improves control
  • Cool color options
  • Fits most guitar pedal brands

Add personalized style and enhanced tone shaping to your pedalboard today!


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