Abaodam 8 Pieces Guitar Amp Effect Pedal Control Knobs Black Letter Set


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Upgrade your guitar pedals and amps with this set of 8 high quality knobs from Abaodam. These black knobs feature stylish white lettering and markings for a sleek, professional look. With one textured and one smooth knob, plus six knobs with grippy rubber rings, you’ll find the perfect knob for dialing in your tone.

Premium Materials and Sleek Design

Each knob in this set is made from durable aluminum alloy for long lasting performance. The sleek black finish looks great on any pedalboard or amplifier. White lettering, lines, and tick marks stand out clearly against the dark background.

The top of the knobs feature either a textured checkerboard pattern or smooth finish. The textured top provides extra grip for adjusting knobs with your fingers. The smooth top gives a classic, clean look.

Six of the knobs have handy rubber rings around the outside for extra grip when tweaking settings on the fly. One large and one small rubber ring knob allow you to mix and match sizes.

Customize Your Pedals and Amps

This set is perfect for replacing worn out or missing knobs on your favorite stompboxes and amplifiers. The assorted sizes and styles allow you to customize the look and feel of your controls.

Upgrade old, cracked plastic knobs with these durable metal ones that will last for years. Or simply replace the stock knobs on a new pedal with these stylish controls to make it your own.

The white markings are easy to read and make identifying controls simple. Plus, the sleek all-black design gives a consistent, professional look.

Complete Tone Tweaking Control

Having the right knobs can make dialing in your tone much easier. Replace hard to grip or damaged knobs and gain more precise control over your sound.

The textured tops provide extra grip for fingertip adjusting without the need for guitar picks or other tools. The smooth tops retain the classic pedal look and feel.

The rubber rings offer great grip for quick tweaks between songs or sets. Just use two fingers to twist and turn knobs even if your hands are sweaty.

Gain fine control over every setting thanks to easy-to-read white markings against the black background. You’ll always know where your knobs are set.

Knobs for Guitar Pedals, Amps, and More

This control knob set works great on:

– Guitar Pedals – Replace missing or damaged knobs on your overdrive, distortion, delay, reverb, chorus, and other effects pedals. Customize your pedalboard controls.

– Guitar Amps – Upgrade your combo amp or amp head knobs with these durable and grippy aluminum ones.

– DIY Pedal Projects – Add the perfect control knobs to your homemade guitar effects pedals.

– Pro Audio Gear – Use these knobs on mixing boards, preamps, audio interfaces, keyboards and other live or studio gear.

– Synthesizers – Customize the look and feel of your synth with these stylish black knobs.

Abaodam Quality

Abaodam is a leading brand in knobs and audio equipment parts. Their amp and pedal knobs are made from premium materials for long lasting performance.

Backed by a 1-year warranty, these knobs will provide precise control over your tone for years to come. Abaodam stands behind their products with friendly customer service if you ever have an issue.


– Materials: Aluminum alloy
– Quantity: 8 knobs
– Colors: Black with white markings
– Size: Approx. 17-47mm diameter

Package Includes:

– 2 x 17mm smooth top knobs
– 2 x 17mm textured top knobs
– 2 x 27mm smooth top w/ rubber ring knobs
– 1 x 37mm textured top w/ large rubber ring knob
– 1 x 47mm smooth top w/ large rubber ring knob

Upgrade your guitar pedals, amps, or pro audio equipment with this set of 8 control knobs from Abaodam today!


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