Abaodam Black Letter Guitar Amp Control Knobs (12-Pack) – Premium Replacement Knobs for Guitar Pedals, Amps, and Effects


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Dial in your tone with premium quality and bold style using the Abaodam 12-pack black letter guitar amp control knobs. Perfect for replacing worn out knobs on guitar pedals, amplifiers, and effects units, these textured knobs add a professional look while providing accurate and reliable control over your sound.

Made from durable aluminum alloy, each Abaodam replacement knob features an easy-grip textured finish and indented white indicator lines for excellent grip and visibility in stage lighting and dimly lit studios. Bold engraved black lettering clearly labels knob functions like Volume, Gain, Tone, Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, and more.

Whether you need to replace broken knobs or give your existing gear an upgraded look, these universal 1/4″ shaft knobs install quickly and easily on most guitar effects and amps. Choose from 12 distinct black engraved knobs to customize your pedalboard or amp rig.

Feature Highlights

  • Set of 12 black engraved aluminum alloy knobs for guitar effects and amps
  • Replace worn out or damaged knobs on pedals, racks, and amplifiers
  • Textured grip with indented white indicator lines for visibility
  • Engraved labels: Vol, Gain, Drive, Tone, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb
  • Durable metal construction with 1/4″ set screw shaft adapter
  • Customize and upgrade the look of your guitar pedalboard

Premium Quality Knobs for Guitars, Pedals, and Amps

The Abaodam black letter knobs are crafted from rugged and lightweight aluminum alloy to stand up to years of use. The textured finish provides an easy grip for adjusting knobs in live performance or in the studio, even with sweaty fingers. Small indented white lines indicate the knob setting, making it easy to dial in your tone by feel in dark stages and clubs.

With engraved labels for Volume, Gain, Tone, Drive, Bass, Mids, Trebles, Presence, Reverb, and other parameters, you can customize the functions for your specific pedals and amps. The bold black engraved lettering looks great and makes it easy to identify knob settings at a glance.

Each knob attaches securely to 1/4″ effect pedal or amp shafts using a tightening set screw. The universal shaft design makes the Abaodam knobs compatible with nearly all guitar effects and amplifiers from brands like Boss, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange, and more.

For replacing old worn-out knobs or giving your pedalboard a fresh new customized look, these pro-grade black letter knobs add style while delivering accurate and reliable tone shaping performance.

Upgrade and Customize Your Pedalboard

The unique textured black finish and bold engraved lettering of the Abaodam knobs allows you to upgrade your pedalboard or amp rig with a completely customized look. Replace any cracked, damaged, or missing knobs with premium knobs designed to withstand years of regular gigging and studio use.

Whether you need to replace a Volume or Gain knob on your overdrive pedal, a Tone knob on your fuzz pedal, or input volume and EQ knobs on your amp, the Abaodam set has you covered. Having spare knobs on hand also ensures you can quickly replace any knobs that get accidentally damaged or broken during transport and setup at gigs.

With 12 knobs in one convenient set, you can refresh your entire pedalboard and amp rig with matching knobs for a cohesive pro-level appearance. The engraved black lettering looks great on pedals and amp heads while allowing quick visual identification of functions in stage lighting situations. Dial in your signature tone with confidence using these dependable textured control knobs.

Reliable and Responsive Tone Control

The quality of any effects pedal or amplifier depends heavily on the responsiveness and precision of its control knobs. Rather than dealing with a crackling volume pot or scratchy tone knob that makes dialing in your ideal sound frustrating and unpredictable, replace old factory knobs with Abaodam’s rugged and responsive knobs.

Constructed from solid aluminum alloy that maintains its precise tolerance even with heavy use, these knobs deliver smooth rotation and reliable adjustments. The textured grip enables making finite tone tweaks onstage without the knob slipping in your fingers. Any guitarist who has experienced the frustration of a loose knob that changes settings accidentally during gigs will appreciate the dependable performance of Abaodam’s replacement knobs.

The engraved indicator lines allow you to return to favorite amp or effect settings using the markings rather than relying on vague numbers. When you need consistent and dependable control over every nuance of your tone, trust your sound to Abaodam’s premium guitar amp control knobs.

Customize Your Tone with Bold Style

Whether you want to refresh the look of a favorite vintage amp or pedal, customize controls on new stompboxes, or replace broken knobs on your rig, the Abaodam 12-pack engraved knobs add bold style to your tone shaping. Constructed from solid metal and built to last, these textured control knobs feel as good as they look.

Guitarists who appreciate both killer tone and cool style will love the upgraded appearance these easy-to-install knobs provide. The engraved black lettering not only looks great on any pedalboard, but also makes it easy to identify essential tone shaping functions in the middle of a hectic gig on a cramped dark stage.

Dial in your signature sound with confidence and style using Abaodam’s pro-quality black letter effect pedal and amp knobs. Trust your tone to the best.


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