ABY Box Line Selector AB Switch Guitar Effects Pedal


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Route and split your signal with the compact ABY Box from Lotkey. This simple yet powerful tool lets you toggle between two guitar rigs or signal chains with just a stomp of the footswitch.

The ABY Box features one input and two output jacks. Select either A, B, or both signals to feed your amps/effects. LEDs indicate which output is active.

Use it to instantly swap between dirty and clean tones, route to two amps for huge stereo chorus, or as a splitter to feed dual signal chains. The options are endless.

This pedal features a true bypass footswitch that keeps your tone pristine when bypassed. The compact, rugged metal housing is built for life on the road.

Power it with a standard 9V negative center power supply (not included).

Step up your live guitar tone with the ABY Box. Route and split your signal to unlock more versatility. The easy operation makes it simple to control two rigs with one stomp. Order the Lotkey ABY Box today.


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