Adjustable Wooden Music Stand – Portable and Sturdy


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Perform and practice with ease using this versatile wooden music stand. The adjustable height and tilt tray allow you to customize your setup for ideal visibility and ergonomics. The lightweight portability makes transport a breeze while the stable base prevents tipping.

Convenient Height Adjustability

Comfort is key when you’re practicing your craft or gearing up for a performance. This music stand makes finding your perfect position easy with a height range of 110cm to 135cm.

The smooth adjustment lift allows incremental changes to accommodate sitting or standing postures. Set it precisely where you need for your violin, guitar, or any instrument. The sturdy steel lift rod securely holds position even through rigorous practice sessions.

The tilt on the tray is also adjustable so you can angle it just right to reduce glare on your sheet music. Say goodbye to neck strain from struggling to see your notes!

Take It Anywhere

The lightweight wooden construction and folding design maximize portability for musicians on the move. Easily transport the stand between home, studio, stage, and anywhere else your practice or performance may take you.

Weighing just over 7 pounds, the music stand won’t weigh down your gear bag. The folding legs and compact profile make storage a cinch. Set it up in seconds when you arrive at your destination.

Enjoy adjustable positioning even during outdoor or travel performances. The stand provides stability even on uneven terrain, so you can take it camping or busking in the park with confidence.

Double Duty Design

This 2-in-1 music stand pulls double duty as both a sturdy floor model and convenient desktop stand. Use the full-height floor stand when performing or directing a group. The solid base prevents wobbling and tipping.

Then for reading and studying, convert it to a desktop model to save space. The collapsible legs allow you to remove the base and use it on any table or desktop.

Maximize your practice time and space by keeping music neatly organized. The angled desktop stand is also great for holding books and binders when teaching private music lessons.

Stable Performance Support

Flimsy music stands lead to interrupted practice and embarrassing performance failures. You need stability you can rely on even during active use. This sturdy stand provides unwavering music support night after night.

The thick wooden base prevents wobbling while rubber pads grab onto flooring without slipping. The steel support rod offers superior strength over plastic models. Pages stay neatly in place without blowing away thanks to the tilted shelves.

Whether you’re turning pages or writing markings, the stand remains fixed in place. The height won’t sink down and the legs won’t slide outward. Perform with confidence knowing your device and sheet music is secure.

Spacious Music Tray

The roomy surface measures 25 x 15 inches to provide abundant space for sheet music, binders, books, laptops, and tablets. The angled shelf improves visibility by keeping reading material upright.

The oversized design allows you to fit a variety of page sizes and orientations. Orchestral scores, lead sheets, and chord charts all have plenty of room without having to balance across multiple stands.

Premium Craftsmanship

Constructed from sturdy paulownia wood harvested from sustainable forestry, this high-quality stand looks great and lasts. The natural wood grain provides warmth and elegance to complement your decor.

The smooth varnished finish prevents splintering while also making the stand easy to clean. All joints feature durable metal fasteners for a tight fit that won’t come loose or crack over time.

Rows of ventilation holes in the shelves allow air to pass through preventing pages from blowing away uncontrollably. High-grade steel components provide rock-solid stability you can rely on.

Ideal for Any Musician

This versatile music stand suits the needs of musicians at every skill level across various instruments and genres, from classical and jazz to rock and pop.

The adjustable tray angle makes reading sheet music a breeze for pianists, vocalists, strings, brass, and more. Wind players appreciate the freedom to stand or sit with their horn angled comfortably.

It provides ample space for both independent performers and large ensembles. Choral and orchestral groups value the compact footprint that fits into tight spaces.

Serious students need a dedicated stand that adapts as they grow. One stand can follow a child from early lessons through advanced school music programs.

Elevate Your Performance

Quit making excuses for compromised practice and subpar shows. Invest in a music stand that makes you sound your best! This adjustable wooden stand checks all the must-have features:

✔️ Portable and lightweight
✔️ Telescoping height adjustment
✔️ Angled and spacious tray
✔️ Converts to desktop stand
✔️ Durable construction

Take your performance to new heights with reliable equipment designed to help you thrive and grow as a musician.

The collapsible portable design empowers you to take your practice anywhere. Adjustable options provide a customized fit for proper technique and posture. Give the audience a flawless concert and give yourself the freedom to perform at your best.

This is the last music stand you’ll ever need to buy. Click add to cart now to get this stage-worthy stand that will last for years of peak performances.


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