Adkins Pro Lighting 12′ Heavy Duty Black Tri-Pod Stand w/2 Side Bars – Sturdy and Portable Lighting Support


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Set up professional lighting fast with the rugged and reliable Adkins Pro Lighting 12′ heavy duty tri-pod stand. This tough aluminum stand extends to 12 feet and collapses down for convenient transport and storage.

Designed for mobile DJs, bands, productions, events and more, this stand provides stable, height-adjustable support for lighting fixtures, speakers, projectors and other equipment weighing up to 60 pounds. The sturdy triangular base and steel reinforcement prevent tipping even with heavy gear mounted on the included horizontal T-bar.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction

Built to last night after night, the tri-pod stand features thick 22mm diameter aluminum legs along with 25mm diameter center support tubes. The quality aluminum provides exceptional strength while remaining lightweight at just 19 pounds.

The stand’s components connect via internal extruded aluminum construction rather than less reliable bolt-together designs. This creates a super rigid framework able to handle repeated setups and takedowns without loosening.

The legs lock securely in place with easy-to-operate pin locks rather than flimsy friction locks. Pin locks maintain positive engagement over years of use for reliable height adjustments.

Extends to 12 Feet

Each rugged aluminum leg adjusts independently to allow a maximum height of 12 feet. Lower heights like 8 feet or 10 feet are easily set for optimal lighting position.

At full 12 foot extension, the tri-pod stand provides ample elevation for lighting fixtures like moving heads, Lasers, LED pars and more. The overhead positioning helps lighting effects stand out in the crowd.

For transportation and storage, the stand collapses down to less than 4 feet. The adjustable legs make it simple to set the ideal height in venues of any size.

1 T-Bar and 2 Side Bars Included

Three professional grade attachment bars mount your lighting fixtures and accessories:

  • 1x 25mm diameter T-bar with mounting pins across the top
  • 2x 19mm diameter side bars with angle adjustments

The 35.4 inch wide T-bar accommodates multiple lights in horizontal configuration. Using the included pins, easily move fixtures side-to-side for perfect positioning.

Two 19.7 inch side bars attach to the stand at variable angles. Mount additional lighting and accessories like wireless mic receivers pointing in different directions.

Combined, the T-bar and side bars enable flexible configurations with robust 60 pound loading capacity. Cables and wires route neatly through the stand.

Ideal for Mobile DJs and Bands

The Adkins Pro Lighting tri-pod stand is built for the demands of working musicians and DJs. Its durable all-aluminum construction withstands nightly setups, takedowns and transport.

The portable stand disassembles into compact pieces for easy load-in and load-out. Fits into small vehicles along with the rest of your gear. Set up repeatable lighting positions quickly at any venue or event.

Use the stand to elevate special event lighting, live concert rigs, trade show exhibits and other applications. Position moving heads for maximum dance floor coverage. Combine multiple stands for large productions with consistent front-to-back lighting.

Rugged Pin Lock Design

Each leg locks securely utilizing triple pin locks rather than unreliable friction locks. This fail-safe design maintains rigidity and safety.

Press the spring-loaded pin lock in while adjusting leg height. The pin automatically pops into the next hole locking the leg in position. Legs stay locked even when collapsing the stand down.

The pin lock system ensures legs remain locked during transportation and use. Set heights confidently without leg slippage leading to unplanned light positioning.

Built to Last for Years

With rock solid aluminum construction, heavy-duty adjustment locks and reinforced stress points, this tri-pod lighting stand is built for the long haul.

The high quality components stand up to intensive use with minimal maintenance required. Just periodically inspect adjustment locks and mounting hardware to ensure ideal functionality.

When it’s time to upgrade your old, worn-out lighting supports, this Adkins Pro tri-pod stand provides the proven durability and reliability you need. Versatile, road-tough and dependable night after night.


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