AKG K240 STUDIO Over-Ear Semi-Open Studio Headphones


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Experience detailed, accurate audio monitoring with the AKG K240 STUDIO over-ear headphones. As a long-standing favorite of recording professionals, these semi-open studio headphones deliver excellent sound quality for mixing, mastering, home recording, and more.

Legendary AKG Studio Sound Quality

With large 50mm drivers and a frequency range of 15Hz – 25kHz, the AKG K240 headphones provide the genuine studio sound that has made AKG a legend. The semi-open-back design creates an immersive, three-dimensional listening experience. Enjoy clear highs without harshness and deep, rich bass response thanks to the XXL transducers.

Comfortable Fit for Extended Wearing

The circumaural design of the K240 STUDIO embraces your ears in plush velour pads for hours of comfortable listening. The adjustable headband allows you to find the perfect fit for all-day mixing or tracking. Weighing just 8.5 ounces, you’ll barely notice them. The 3m cable gives you freedom of movement in your studio or listening room.

Rugged Construction Built to Last

From the studio to live sound and beyond, AKG’s K240 headphones are built to withstand daily use. Their rugged construction features a steel headband inside padded leatherette and a single-sided cable. Gold-plated stereo mini XLR and 1/4 inch adaptor plugs provide secure connections. Take them anywhere knowing these headphones are ready for the road.

Hear Your Mix as Intended

With a semi-open-back design, the K240 STUDIO allows you to hear both the headphones’ sound as well as what’s happening in the room. This makes them ideal for solo musicians and sound engineers who need to hear their mix along with their instrument or voice. The open-back allows for a natural soundstage with accurate stereo imaging.

Overview of Features

If you’re looking for professional studio headphones with excellent sound quality and comfort, the AKG K240 STUDIO over-ear headphones deliver.

– Genuine AKG acoustics for natural sound
– XXL transducers with Varimotion diaphragms
– Semi-open design for spacious sound
– Self-adjusting headband for a flexible, comfortable fit
– Replaceable cable with mini XLR & 1⁄4 inch plugs
– Rugged construction for heavy use

Whether you need to hear every detail while recording and mixing or simply want to enjoy your music collection, these AKG headphones provide outstanding audio. Their comfortable yet durable design also makes them suitable for home, studio, stage, or on the go listening.

Take Your Studio Sound with You

Though designed for professional use, the AKG K240 STUDIO over-ear headphones are suitable for everyday listening enjoyment. Their excellent sound reproduction and comfortable fit make them a pleasure to wear at home or while traveling.

With a detachable mini-XLR cable, it’s easy to replace a worn or damaged cord. You also have the flexibility to use a shorter cable for portable devices. Simply swap out the cable, and you can take your studio-quality headphones on planes, trains, or anywhere life takes you.

Trusted Studio Gear from AKG

For over 70 years AKG has created industry-leading, professional audio equipment. Used by sound engineers, musicians, DJs, and studios worldwide, AKG sets the standard for quality, reliability and innovation.

Bring the leader in studio headphones home with the AKG K240s. Whether you’re producing your next album, mixing a podcast, or just want to hear your favorite songs as the artist intended, these headphones deliver impressive results.

Technical Specifications:

– Headphone type: over-ear, semi-open-back
– Transducer principle: dynamic
– Frequency response: 15Hz – 25kHz
– Sensitivity: 104dB SPL/V
– Maximum input power: 200mW
– Rated impedance: 55 ohms
– Net weight (without cable): 8.5 oz

What’s Included:

– 1 x AKG K240 STUDIO headphone
– 1 x 3m straight cable with 3.5mm and 6.3mm plugs
– 1 x Screw-on 6.3mm plug adaptor

Experience professional-grade audio with the AKG K240 STUDIO semi-open over-ear headphones. Perfect for studio mixing and monitoring, home recording, or simply enjoying your music collection.


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