AKOZLIN 360° Rotating Speaker Stand Cover – Professional Grade Lycra Fabric Hides Wires and Cables


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Step up your audio game with the AKOZLIN 360° Rotating Speaker Stand Cover. This high-quality cover neatly hides wires, cables, and stand imperfections for a clean, professional stage appearance.

360° Rotation For Flexible Positioning

The AKOZLIN cover rotates a full 360° around your speaker stand. Position your speakers forwards, backwards, or sideways without any visual distractions. Cables stay out of sight no matter how you set up your audio equipment.

High-Stretch Lycra Fabric

This cover is made from durable, professional grade Lycra fabric. The material stretches up to 6.1ft tall to accommodate standard speaker tripod stands. An adjustable hook and loop strap ensures a custom fit.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing this cover takes just minutes! Just slip it over your collapsed tripod stand and adjust the non-slip magic tape at the top. Elastic foot pockets at the bottom keep the cover in place. When you’re done with your event, fold it up and store it in the included carrying bag.

Use For Any Occasion

DJs, musicians, event planners, and more can benefit from a clean stage setup. Use this speaker cover at weddings, parties, concerts, presentations, conferences, and any other event with audio equipment. The sleek look enhances your professional image.

Available Colors

Choose from 6 color options – black, blue, gray, purple, red, and white. Color coordinate with your brand, decor, or other equipment.

Technical Specifications:

– Material: Lycra fabric
– Dimensions: Stretches up to 74″ x 34″ x 34″
– Rotates: Full 360° coverage
– Installation: Adjustable magic tape and elastic foot pockets
– Carrying Bag Included: 9.8” x 6.3” bag for storage and transport

Stage-Ready Audio Setup

Tripod speaker stands are a go-to choice for events, presentations, and performances. But loose cables and unfinished metal stands look sloppy. The AKOZLIN 360° Rotating Speaker Stand Cover solved this by neatly containing wires and hiding unfinished stands.

Your audio equipment will blend seamlessly into any venue decor. No more distracting tangled wires or scruffy hardware in sight! This stretchy black cover creates a clean, professional appearance that enhances your image.

Designed For Versatility

DJs, musicians, and speakers need flexible equipment positioning. This 360° rotating cover allows you to angle speakers without showing uneven gaps. Cables stay out of sight at any orientation.

The high-quality lycra fabric stretches up to 6.1ft tall. It easily accommodates standard collapsible tripod stands. An adjustable velcro strap and elastic foot pockets ensure a secure hold.

Set up and tear down only takes minutes. Just slip this cover over your collapsed tripod stand and raise it to standing height. Rotate it for perfect positioning, and you’re ready for incredible audio!

Enhance Your Stage Presence

A polished, cable-free stage makes a memorable impact on audiences. This cover neatly contains wires, adapters, and other visual distractions. Your speakers and microphones will blend seamlessly into the venue decor.

The sleek professional appearance helps presenters, musicians, DJs, and hosts look their best. Use this cover to create an elevated experience at weddings, parties, concerts, conferences, church services, and any event with a speaker setup.

Order With Confidence

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you order the AKOZLIN 360° Rotating Speaker Stand Cover. We stand behind our products with a money-back promise. Don’t settle for tangled messy cables at your next event. Get stage-ready with this professional grade tripod cover!


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