Alovon Wireless Microphone Set – Capture Crystal Clear Audio for iPhone, Android, Cameras


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Elevate your videos, livestreams, calls and more with the Alovon Wireless Microphone Set. This easy-to-use lapel microphone kit includes two clip-on mics and a receiver for interference-free audio. Just pair and connect in seconds to start capturing rich, detailed sound from your iPhone, Android, camera and other devices.

Plug-and-Play Simple Connection

Connecting the Alovon wireless microphones takes just seconds. Turn on the mics and receiver and they automatically pair within 3 seconds. No apps, cables or complex settings required. Simply clip the mini lapel mics onto your shirt collar and you’re ready to start recording studio-quality sound. The included windscreens minimize plosives for clear audio.

Real-Time Monitoring

The receiver features a handy 3.5mm headphone jack so you can adjust audio levels and monitor your mic pickup in real-time. Get perfectly balanced sound without having to stop and re-record. No more issues like incorrect input levels or positioning the mics incorrectly. Just tweak as you record until you love what you hear.

Crystal Clear Sound

Designed to capture your natural voice with crisp detail, these mics isolate vocals while minimizing background noise. Each lav mic contains intelligent noise-reduction chips that filter out ambient sounds around you. The result is studio-quality audio even when recording in public. Your voice comes through loud and clear.

Ultra Low Latency

Thanks to the auto-sync technology, audio and video remain perfectly synced with just a 0.009s delay. This ultra low latency makes the Alovon mic set ideal for vlogging, interviews, conference calls, podcasts, voiceovers and any application where lip sync is crucial. Never miss a beat in your recordings.

7-Hour Battery Life

With built-in rechargeable batteries, you get up to 7 hours of continuous recording per charge. The mics recharge in just 1 hour via USB. Capture an entire event without worrying about your wireless microphone batteries dying. These long-lasting mics ensure you never miss important moments due to low power.

26ft Wireless Range

The 2.4GHz transmission allows flexible recording up to 26ft away from the receiver without obstacles. Move freely while still picking up great audio. The signal also penetrates through objects so you can even record in different rooms. Forget about staying chained in place.

Designed for Every Device

The wireless microphone set includes adapter cables for seamless compatibility with iPhone, Android, iPads, Macbooks, cameras and more. Use them to record videos, go live, take Zoom calls, create YouTube tutorials, TikToks, podcasts and any other hands-free audio application. Universal compatibility makes them perfect for every occasion.

Key Features:

– Auto-pairing connects in 3 seconds
– Real-time audio monitoring via headphone jack
– Lapel mics with windscreens for clear sound
– Noise-reduction technology minimizes ambient sound
– Ultra low 0.009s latency
– 7-hour battery life
– 26ft wireless range
– Cables for iPhone, Android, cameras
– Works with any device with mic input

Experience Pro-Quality Sound with Ease

The Alovon Wireless Microphone Set makes it easy to instantly enhance your audio quality for videos, live streaming, calls, interviews and more. The lapel mics minimize background noise for studio-quality vocal pickup. Real-time monitoring lets you dial in the perfect balance on the fly. With universal device compatibility, these mics can transform sound from all your gadgets.

Forget about subpar built-in mics limiting your production quality. The Alovon wireless microphones deliver professional results with plug-and-play simplicity. Capture crystal clear audio for all your creative projects and content needs!


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