Alto Professional Bluetooth Total 2 – Rechargeable XLR Bluetooth Receiver For Mixers & PA Systems


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Take your live sound setup wireless with the Alto Professional Bluetooth Total 2. This innovative Bluetooth receiver adds cable-free audio streaming capabilities to virtually any mixer, USB mixer, or active PA speaker system. Simply connect it to your gear’s XLR input and pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets for quick, hassle-free audio integration.

Whether you’re a mobile DJ, solo musician, or AV tech handling events, the Alto Bluetooth Total 2 provides the wireless functionality you need. Gone are the days of dealing with tangled cables stretching across dancefloors and stages. This unit’s extended 100+ foot Bluetooth range gives you and performers freedom to roam while maintaining dropout-free audio. Combining professional-quality sound with the convenience of wireless, this rugged receiver belongs in every gigging pro’s kit.

### Key Features:

– XLR Output – Connects to any mixer, USB mixer, or active PA system XLR input for wireless audio integration.

– Universal Bluetooth Connectivity – Pairs seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

– Long 100+ Foot Wireless Range – Provides ample coverage for weddings, parties, DJ sets, and events.

– Stereo Linkable – Wirelessly connect two units together for cable-free stereo playback.

– Rechargeable Built-In Battery – Provides 6+ hours of continuous operation per charge.

– Micro USB Charging – Easily recharge via any powered USB port or wall adapter.

With the Alto Bluetooth Total 2, you can skip the cables and start streaming audio wirelessly in seconds. Its plug-and-play design couldn’t be easier to use. Simply power on the receiver, put it into pairing mode, and connect to it with your Bluetooth device. The bright LED indicators confirm when pairing is successful.

From there, all the audio playing on your smartphone, tablet, or computer will transmit wirelessly to your PA system or mixer in crystal clear quality. The sound coming through the XLR output is loud, clear, and free of unwanted noise. Even at low volume levels, your audio will retain its clarity and definition.

### Mix Wirelessly With Total Freedom:

Mobile DJs will love the cable-free convenience of the Alto Bluetooth Total 2. Mount it on your mixer, pair with your device, and you’re free to move about as you mix, cue tracks, and engage the crowd. No more lugging cords around the dancefloor or stage. The extended wireless range keeps the music rocking uninterrupted.

For duos, the Alto receiver allows both performers to roam freely while wirelessly streaming backing tracks, click tracks, samples, and more. Simply link two units together to create a cable-free stereo playback system.

Bands can also use the Bluetooth Total 2 to send click tracks directly to in-ear monitors or supplement their live sound with backing tracks. With rock-solid Bluetooth connectivity, bands won’t have to worry about distracting dropouts or interference mid-song.

Corporate and wedding DJs will appreciate how quick and easy it is to set up the Alto receiver and start streaming music wirelessly. within minutes you can have dancefloor hits and background music playing cable-free. No more tripping over cords or yanking things unplugged by accident!

### Rugged & Road-Ready Design:

Despite its small size, the Alto Professional Bluetooth Total 2 is built tough to handle life on the road. The durable metal chassis ensures the receiver can withstand being hauled around in gear bags and road cases without getting damaged.

Alto engineered it with professional applications in mind, from the balanced XLR output to the extended wireless operating range. The rechargeable battery lasts over 6 hours for full gigs and marathon mixing sessions. The micro USB port lets you conveniently top up the battery from laptops, power adapters, and portable chargers.

### Take Your Sound Setup Wireless:

If you perform live, DJ events, or handle AV for functions, the Alto Professional Bluetooth Total 2 provides a simple way to cut the cables and take your audio setup wireless. No advanced technical know-how needed! In mere minutes, you can have pro-quality stereo sound streaming wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Ditch the fragile 3.5mm cables that love to fail at the worst moment. Avoid audio dropouts and interference ruining your performance. With a rock-solid Bluetooth link, the Alto receiver delivers cable-free audio that’s crisp, full-range, and uninterrupted – even with ample roaming range.

Whether you want workflow flexibility for mobile DJing or freedom to move around on stage, the Alto Bluetooth Total 2 has you covered. Transform the way you do live sound with this innovative little wireless receiver built for pros.


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