Antner 5A Maple Drumsticks, 3 Pairs of Drum Sticks for Beginner and Intermediate Drummers


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Elevate your drumming with these high-quality 5A drumsticks from Antner. Crafted from durable maple wood, each pair is lightweight yet resistant to chips and cracks. Allowing you to unleash commanding beats practice after practice.

With a 0.55 inch tip and 16 inch length, these sticks offer a balanced feel ideal for beginners and intermediate drummers. Their oval wooden tips produce a focused, articulate sound with enough power for rock while retaining warmth for acoustic genres.

The smooth sanded finish provides a comfortable grip, reducing slippage even during intense drum fills. Antner meticulously lathes each stick for consistency in size, weight, and pitch. So you can count on evenly matched rebound and tonality across the 3 pairs.

The 5A model versatility also makes these an excellent choice as a main practice stick. Complementing a wide range of playing styles from jazz and funk to metal and progressive.

For portability, the set includes a protective black velvet bag. Keeping the sticks organized and secure during storage and transport. Whether heading to jam sessions or just storing them in your drum kit, the bag prevents damage while saving space.

Crafted from quality maple wood and precisely machined for optimal weight and feel, these 5A sticks give drummers of all skill levels a reliable, balanced performance. Backed by Antner’s commitment to drumming excellence.


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