Asmuse Vintage Style Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Superior Sound for Jazz Players




Experience Legendary Jazz Guitar Tones with Asmuse’s Vintage Style Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Jazz guitarists strive to create smooth, rich tones that sing. That’s why serious players need an instrument built for stylish chord melodies, walking basslines, and soulful lead lines. Asmuse delivers exactly that with their new hollow body electric guitar. Constructed for comfort, sound, and timeless visual appeal, it’s the perfect guitar for diving into jazz standards and more.

Vintage-Inspired Design Evokes Jazz’s Golden Era

Asmuse modeled this guitar after classic hollow and semi-hollow instruments popular during jazz’s rapid rise. It features an elegantly offset double-cutaway body with sleek f-shaped sound holes. Plus, the sunburst finish nods to the warm, welcoming aesthetic of mid-20th-century jazz clubs. Silver control knobs and chrome hardware complete the retro-chic look. Whether on stage or in the studio, the Asmuse hollow body jazz guitar will help you channel jazz’s style and spirit.

Semi-Hollow Construction Creates Balanced Acoustic Resonance

Unlike solid body guitars, the Asmuse jazz model incorporates a resonant semi-hollow design. Two f-holes allow the guitar’s top to vibrate freely, accentuating midrange frequencies important for clean rhythm playing. A solid center block improves sustain and provides feedback control at higher volumes. The result is balanced acoustic resonance perfectly suited for jazz chord melodies and improvised lines.

Dual Pickups and Controls Offer Exceptional Tonal Flexibility

What good is a great guitar design without great electronics to match? Asmuse equips their hollow body jazz model with dual high-quality pickups. A neck pickup captures warm, round tones well-suited for jazz standards played with a clean tone. A bridge pickup adds bite and definition to your sound. Independent volume and tone controls for each pickup allow tremendous tonal flexibility. Roll off the highs for a smooth neck pickup jazz sound, or dial in bright, biting bridge pickup tones. An included 3-way pickup selector switch completes your sonic toolbox.

Premium Materials and Hardware for Long-Lasting Performance

Asmuse utilizes only the best materials in their instruments. The jazz guitar’s body consists of a multi-ply hard maple/rosewood semi-hollow construction. Its smooth maple neck promotes fast runs, while a rosewood fretboard provides pleasing midrange resonance. Chrome hardware, including sealed tuning machines, resists corrosion. Top it all off with low-friction strings for easy bending, and you’ve got a high-quality instrument built to handle years of practicing, recording, and performing.

Ideal for All Skill Levels – Start Your Jazz Guitar Journey

It’s never too late to pick up jazz guitar. Asmuse encourages beginners and experts alike to try their new hollow body model. Its slim neck profile and low action facilitate quick chord transitions and fluid soloing. The included gig bag provides safe, convenient transport to lessons, jam sessions, and gigs. An optional hard case offers maximum protection.

Whether you’re just starting out with jazz guitar or looking to upgrade your current axe, Asmuse’s new hollow body electric guitar provides incredible value. Its vintage design houses modern performance-driven features perfect for pursuing smooth jazz tones. Order today and see why customers rave about Asmuse quality and craftsmanship!


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