ATKTTOP Wireless Lavalier Microphone – Your Voice Made Clearer Than Ever


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Capture studio-quality sound with the ATKTTOP Wireless Lavalier Microphone. This innovative clip-on mic pioneers built-in app control with two recording modes – Vlog & Live – so you can customize your audio for any situation. Plus, it offers three unique sound customization functions: noise reduction, reverb, and a sound card mode to alter thickness and delicacy. Take your recordings, streams, calls, and more to the next level with features designed to make your voice shine.

Cutting-Edge Noise Cancellation

Unwanted background noise is a thing of the past with ATKTTOP’s advanced noise cancellation technology. It features a dual intelligent noise-cancelling chip with both DSP and ENC AI to identify and reduce noise. The built-in VoiceShield system balances frequencies to achieve a signal-to-noise ratio of 99dB – capturing your natural voice while filtering out ambient sounds. This results in studio-quality audio free of distracting interference.

48 Hours of Portable Power

Running out of battery won’t slow you down thanks to the ultra-long battery life. The transmitter and receiver each last up to 8 hours on a single charge of their 480mAh batteries. But the real innovation is the 2,000mAh charging case that provides up to 4 full extra charges for a total of 48 hours of nonstop use. Now you can record or stream worry-free without losing power at critical moments. The charging case also neatly stores the transmitter and receiver for ultimate portability.

700ft Wireless Range

The advanced 2.4GHz transmission allows you to record or stream from up to 700ft away. That huge 213m range gives you the flexibility to capture audio from a distance without compromising on quality. ATKTTOP engineered an anti-interference algorithm that resists interruptions for efficient high-frequency recording. Even at max range, it delivers stable and reliable data transmission for clear audio without dropouts or interference.

Sound Customization

Unleash your inner performer with the built-in sound card and effects. The sound card feature alters the thickness and delicacy of the sound picked up by the mic. Meanwhile, the reverb function enriches tones by simulating the acoustics of physical spaces like concert halls. You can choose from three reverb levels to add the perfect ambience. The two levels of noise reduction block out unwanted background noise that could distract from your voice.

Studio-Quality Lapel Microphone

The high-end omni-directional mic captures rich, true-to-life audio from all directions. The lapel clip attaches securely to clothing during use. Its low-profile design keeps the mic discreetly in place so it never gets in the way. The included windscreen adds an extra layer of wind and breath protection for clear audio without pops. Expect the same crisp, detailed sound quality from the transmitter’s 3.5mm jack.

Universal Device Compatibility

Pair with virtually any device thanks to the versatile connectivity options. Android and Lightning adapters allow direct audio input to smartphones. Or use the included TRS cables to connect to DSLR cameras, computers, tablets, and more. The microphone is compatible with any device that accepts 3.5mm audio input. It operates on the universal 2.4GHz frequency so you can start recording high-quality audio in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Built-in app with Vlog & Live modes
  • Dual DSP and ENC AI noise cancellation
  • 48 hours battery life with charging case
  • 700ft wireless range
  • Sound card mode adds warmth and delicacy
  • 3-level reverb effect
  • Omni-directional lapel microphone
  • Android and iPhone compatible
  • TRS cables for DSLR, computer, tablet, etc.

Take Your Recordings to the Next Level

Transform your audio quality with the innovative ATKTTOP Wireless Lavalier Microphone. From live streams to videos, podcasts to calls, this lapel mic picks up natural vocals with incredible clarity. It removes distracting background noise thanks to the dual noise-cancellation technology. The built-in sound customization allows you to add professional flair with reverb and sound card effects.

With up to 48 hours of battery life, you can record nonstop even on the go. The 700ft wireless range means you aren’t chained to your desk either. The omni-directional mic evenly picks up crystal-clear sound from all directions. Clip it on and forget it’s there thanks to the slim low-profile design.

Universal compatibility makes it easy to use with practically any device. Unlock studio-quality sound for your live streams, TikToks, YouTube videos, Zoom calls, and any other recordings. The ATKTTOP Wireless Lavalier Microphone makes it simple to capture professional audio quality from anywhere.


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