Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin Analog Synth – Fat, Iconic 70s Tones


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Transport your listeners back to the golden era of analog synthesis with the Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin, a loving recreation of the ultra-rare ARP synthesizers from the 1970s. This powerful semi-modular analog synthesizer packs triple VCOs, a multifaceted VCF, and that iconic Blue Marvin sound into one desktop unit.

Triple Oscillator Design Unleashes Massive Sonic Potential

At the heart of this synthesizer lie three voltage-controlled oscillators, giving you an awe-inspiring palette of tonal possibilities. Sculpt fat, animated bass tones, screaming leads, evolving pads, and exotic synthetic textures. Each VCO features multiple waveform outputs for mixing triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and sine waves. Apply hard sync for aggressive, cutting sync leads. Modulate using the dedicated LFO to create warbling vibrato effects and swirling chorus-like sounds.

Authentic Reproduction of an Ultra-Rare Classic

The Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin pays homage to the rare and coveted ARP synthesizers from the 1970s. Every component has been carefully modeled using matched transistors and JFETs to authentically reproduce the original circuitry with remarkable precision. From the smooth, creamy timbre to the uncanny warmth and presence, this synth captures the classic vibe of a true vintage instrument.

Semi-Modular Design Inspires Sonic Exploration

While many synths require complex patching before they make a single sound, the 2600 Blue Marvin comes alive immediately thanks to its semi-modular architecture. All the necessary connections are pre-wired, so you can start crafting music right away. When you’re ready to dive deeper, use the comprehensive patch bay to reroute cables and sculpt exotic modulated textures.

Sweep Through Sonic Spectrums with Multimode Filter

The multi-mode voltage-controlled filter provides the core of your sound sculpting abilities. Switch between low-pass, high-pass, and notch modes to dramatically reshape tones. Use the dedicated low-pass output for classic analog warmth, or try the switched high/notch output for more aggressive effects. Modulate the cutoff and resonance controls using the envelope generator, keyboard tracking, and the built-in LFO for continuously evolving soundscapes.

Build Textured Soundscapes

While monophonic synth lines are the Blue Marvin’s forte, you can use its two voltage-controlled amplifiers to craft rich, layered textures. Dedicate one VCA to your oscillator sound, another to noise or an external input, then blend them together through the mixer section. For variety, patch the LFOs to create rhythmic pulse-width effects, or use the contour generators to dynamically articulate notes and chords. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Redefine Your Sound with Extensive Modulation Capabilities

Like any great modular synth, the Blue Marvin opens up worlds of sonic possibilities through its extensive modulation routing. Attach the LFO to oscillator frequency and filter cutoff for warping, animated sounds. Let the contour generators reshape amplitude, filter, and pitch for expressive playing dynamics. Use the advanced patch bay to derive modulation signals from audio sources using ring modulation, frequency modulation, and filter FM effects.

Authentic Blue Marvin Styling and Intuitive Layout

The Blue Marvin’s distinct blue color scheme and retro wooden cheeks pay homage to the first 1973 runs of the iconic synthesizer. Controls have been thoughtfully laid out to provide immediate hands-on access to all parameters, with no menus or screens to scroll through. Whether you’re twisting knobs to tune oscillators by ear or patching cables to route modulation sources, this synth keeps you focused on sculpting sounds.

Bring legendary analog synthesis to your studio with the Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin synthesizer. With triple oscillators, flexible multi-mode filtering, and semi-modular architecture, the Blue Marvin empowers you to craft classic vintage tones and explore new sonic frontiers.


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