Behringer 2600-VCO Eurorack Voltage-Controlled Oscillator


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Add the iconic sound of the ARP 2600 to your modular synth rig with the Behringer 2600-VCO. This 16HP Eurorack module is a voltage-controlled oscillator with 4 waveforms and PWM, modeled after the VCO in the legendary ARP 2600 synthesizer. Dial in everything from punchy basses to screaming leads.

4 Iconic ARP 2600 Waveforms

The 2600-VCO delivers the signature waveforms that made the ARP 2600 famous. Choose from sawtooth, triangle, pulse and sine waves for a variety of tonal colors. Use the pulse width control to morph between narrow and wide pulse waves. The triangle wave can also be skewed for a more nasal hollow tone. With 4 waveforms and PWM, this VCO is hugely versatile.

Voltage Controlled with Wide Frequency Range

The frequency of the 2600-VCO is voltage controlled, allowing you to create modular synth patches where oscillators track 1V/octave. The exponential frequency control voltage input spans an impressive range from LFO speeds up to audio rates. At its max setting, the VCO can reach up to 8kHz for use as an audio range oscillator.

Additional Inputs and Outputs

There are some extras that make this more than just any VCO. A sync input lets you synchronize it to another oscillator or clock source. Pulse width can be voltage controlled or manually set. Separate outputs for saw and pulse/triangle make this a great VCO for blending waveforms. The sine output rivals high end analog oscillators.

Low Frequency Mode

A toggle switch selects between audio range and LFO mode, allowing the 2600-VCO to generate sub-audio waveforms. In LFO mode it makes an excellent modulation source for vibrato, tremolo and more. Use the manual frequency knob to dial in anything from ultra-slow sweeps to punchy modulations.

Classic Looks, Eurorack Compatible

The vintage styled panel has that classic ARP 2600 look. But this isn’t just for show – it’s designed for optimal usability. The 16HP width fits standard Eurorack cases. Power is supplied from a standard Eurorack busboard. Simply plug and play to add those iconic ARP tones!

Add a Touch of History

First produced in 1971, the ARP 2600 quickly became ubiquitous in studios and live rigs. Its signature fat oscillators and rich low pass filter were part of countless iconic recordings. Now you can get those sounds in Eurorack format with the 2600-VCO. Fire up some retro inspiration for your next track!

Start Patching Iconic Analog Tones

The Behringer 2600-VCO lets you add a slice of history to your modular synthesizer. With 4 waveforms, PWM, and voltage controlled frequency, it’s a versatile VCO for all types of synthesis. Create complex patches by syncing multiple VCOs. Get pulsating synth basses, sweeping pads, leaad lines, and retro effects. Relive history or make something new. The possibilities are endless with this iconic VCO module.


  • Voltage controlled oscillator module
  • 4 waveforms – sawtooth, triangle, pulse, sine
  • Pulse width modulation control
  • Voltage controlled frequency with exponential response
  • Sync input for oscillator synchronization
  • Low frequency mode for LFO effects
  • 16HP Eurorack compatible format
  • Vintage ARP 2600 styling

For iconic analog tones in your Eurorack modular synth rig, check out the Behringer 2600-VCO. Get vintage oscillator sounds reminiscent of classic recordings, with voltage control and modulation options. Expand your sonic palette starting with this versatile VCO.


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