BLUE LAVA Original Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Ergonomic 36″ Acoustic Guitar for Comfortable Learning and Playing




At just 4.32 lbs, the BLUE LAVA Original Acoustic-Electric Guitar is an ultra-light, compact 36″ acoustic guitar that produces a vibrant, full, and bright tone thanks to the 4-MASS technology. This innovative technology optimizes the vibration dynamics of the top, body, neck, and internal air, driving them to resonate in perfect harmony for superior acoustic performance.

Despite its compact size, the BLUE LAVA Original generates impressive volume and resonance to elevate your performance. The ergonomic neck shape and thin heel design provide easy playability, allowing you to smoothly transition between frets. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first guitar or a seasoned player seeking a high-quality travel companion, the lightweight BLUE LAVA Original is a delight to play.

Vibrant Acoustic Experience

The 4-MASS technology is the secret behind the BLUE LAVA Original’s vibrant acoustic tone. By carefully engineering the guitar’s parametric structure, BLUE LAVA has created an instrument whose top, body, neck, and internal air all vibrate as one cohesive system. This unified resonance results in a remarkably full, bright, and well-balanced acoustic sound that will energize your playing.

From soft fingerpicking to aggressive strumming, the BLUE LAVA Original projects beautifully thanks to its expertly tuned acoustic dynamics. Let your audience hear every note ring out with clarity and warmth.

Easy-to-Learn Playability

The ergonomically designed neck on the BLUE LAVA Original lets you play with ease across all frets. Shaped according to the natural motions of the hand, the neck allows for comfortable fretting without strain.

The thin neck heel also provides unfettered access to higher frets. Solo to your heart’s content without contorting your hand to reach those high notes. The smooth neck and thin heel combine to make the BLUE LAVA Original a remarkably playable instrument right out of the box.

As a beginner, you’ll appreciate how the comfortable neck facilitates learning. And as an experienced guitarist, you’ll fall in love with how effortlessly the BLUE LAVA Original allows you to play.

Delightful to Play

Weighing in at just 4.32 lbs, the BLUE LAVA Original is an astonishingly lightweight acoustic guitar. You’ll delight in how comfortable it feels to play, reducing shoulder and back strain.

Paired with a versatile carrying bag, the ultra-portable BLUE LAVA Original becomes your perfect travel companion. Easily sling it over your shoulder and take your music anywhere.

Despite its compact 36” size, the BLUE LAVA Original generates a remarkably full, resonant tone. It punches well above its weight class when it comes to acoustic volume and brilliance.

Onboard L2 Preamp with FreeBoost empowers you to shape your amplified tone with various effects like chorus and reverb. Delight audiences of any size with your acoustic performances.

Durable HPL Build

The BLUE LAVA Original features a high-pressure laminate (HPL) top, back, and sides. This rugged HPL construction makes the guitar virtually impervious to weather, humidity, and temperature changes. No need to baby this instrument.

The HPL material also stands up well to potential splashes and spills, offering peace of mind during rowdy performances. Enjoy a carefree experience no matter where your music takes you.

Confidently take the stage and let your playing do the talking, not your guitar’s ability to withstand the rigors of performance. The BLUE LAVA Original boasts battle-ready durability.

Lightweight to Play Anywhere

At just 4.32 lbs, the BLUE LAVA Original clocks in as one of the lightest playable acoustic guitars available. Its featherweight build combats shoulder and back fatigue, even during extended practice or performance sessions.

The included carrying bag features backpack-style straps, making the BLUE LAVA Original effortless to transport. Enjoy light, comfortable portability ideal for travel and spontaneous performances.

Students can easily carry the BLUE LAVA Original to and from school. Songwriters can keep it by their side on the go to capture inspiration. Performers can sling it on their back as they hike to their ideal outdoor stage.

Wherever creativity strikes, the ultra-light BLUE LAVA Original is ready to elevate your acoustic playing. Experience the innovative 4-MASS technology in a remarkably portable package.

Take Your Music Anywhere

The BLUE LAVA Original Acoustic-Electric Guitar revolutionizes portability with its feathery 4.32 lb weight and included carrying bag.

Jam on the beach during sunset. Serenade fellow hikers at the summit. Let your acoustic tones ring out anywhere with the lightweight companion that punches far above its weight in terms of rich, vibrant tone.

The durable HPL construction also means you don’t need to baby this guitar. Bring it along on all of life’s adventures without worry. The freedom to play anywhere inspires creativity and removes barriers between you and your audience.

With superior acoustic dynamics, easy playability, and delightful portability, the BLUE LAVA Original 36” Acoustic-Electric Guitar is your musical passport.


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