Boss BF-3 Flanger Guitar Pedal – Vintage 80’s Flanging with Ultra-Realistic 3D Stereo Effects


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Take your guitar sound back to the ’80s and beyond with the Boss BF-3 Flanger pedal. This powerful stompbox delivers the lush, sweeping flanger effects that defined the decade’s rock sounds, along with new innovations for creating immersive 3D effects. Whether you’re looking for Van Halen-esque jet flanging, or spaced-out psychedelic warbles, the BF-3 puts a world of chewy, swirling texture right at your feet.

Vintage Flanging and So Much More

At its core, the BF-3 provides that coveted ’80s flanger tone. Dial back the Resonance and you get warm, gentle sweep effects perfect for ballads and clean passages. Crank it up for divebombing jet flanger mayhem just like the hair metal greats. The Rate knob dials in the speed of the effect, while the Manual knob adjusts the center point of the sweep. But this pedal offers modern enhancements too, including stereo I/O for immersive 3D movement.

Shape Your Sound with Five Modes

The BF-3 gives you five different modes to sculpt the perfect flange for your music:

  • Flanger – The vintage flanging sound that made the BF-3 famous. Great for traditional sweep effects or extreme jet flanging.
  • Ultra – Generates deeper, more intense flanging effects through a wider stereo image. The extreme Resonance settings really shine here.
  • Gate/Pan – Rhythmic, stuttering flange pulses that pan back and forth in stereo. Great for complex, sequenced flanging patterns.
  • 90° – Shifts the phase of the effect by 90 degrees for more intensity. The flanging seems to “swirl” around your ears.
  • Through 0 – Removes the dry signal for more dramatic, jet plane effects. Maximum whoosh!

The possibilities are endless when you mix and match modes, rate, resonance and manual settings. This is hands-down the most versatile flanger pedal on the market today.

Advanced Features for Stage and Studio

The BF-3 comes loaded with extras that make this pedal a must-have for gigging guitarists and demanding studio artists alike.

Tap in the perfect flange rate with the onboard pedal or use MIDI clock sync for effects that groove with your music. Choose from Mono or Stereo output configurations. Access an effects loop for blending dry tones on top. Engage the ultra-flexible Momentary Mode for on/off flange effects at the press of a footswitch. With the BF-3’s deep control set, you’ve got total command over your liquid, psychedelic flange tones.

Key Features:

  • Vintage BF-2 style flanging with modern enhancements
  • Five modes including Ultra and Gate/Pan create amazingly deep 3D flange effects
  • Manual, Rate and Resonance controls shape the sweep to perfection
  • Momentary Mode for on/off flanging at the press of a switch
  • Tap Tempo and MIDI Sync get flanging in perfect rhythm with your music
  • Mono/Stereo output configurations
  • Effects loop for dry signal blending

Give your audience a hypnotic auditory thrill ride with the Boss BF-3. This pedal brings vintage flanging roaring into the modern era with advanced features, flexible tone-shaping and ultra-immersive stereo 3D effects. Whether you’re conjuring ’80s hair metal squeals or transporting listeners to a psychedelic otherworld, the BF-3 puts breathtaking flange at your feet. Grab one today and explore new dimensions of swirling, spacey guitar tone.


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