Briskdrop Amp Academy Guitar Pedal Bundle


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Revolutionize your guitar tone with the Briskdrop Amp Academy guitar pedal bundle. This incredible device provides 6 legendary amp models to shape your sound, plus cables and accessories for seamless integration into your rig.

The heart of this bundle is the Amp Academy pedal itself. Featuring amp modeling technology, it packs the character of vintage, classic, modern, brown, red, and iridium amps into one stompbox. Dial in sparkling cleans, crunchy overdrive, and searing distortion with ease.

With precise amp and cabinet modeling, the Amp Academy pedal brings the tone of miked guitar amps right to the output. It captures the warmth and organic quality that makes players fall in love with their amps. The 3rd-party IR loader function allows you to upload your favorite impulse responses too.

In the studio or on stage, the Amp Academy pedal delivers studio-quality guitar tone minus the hassle. Gone are the days of hauling heavy amp heads and cabs to gigs. This pedal hooks up directly to mixing boards and recording interfaces, replacing traditional guitar amp recording workflows.

The abyssmal process of finding the right mic placement and dialing in levels is over. Simply plug into the input and get world-class tone out of the output. With 1024 samples IR resolution, your tone will be clear and defined in any live or studio mix.

Shape your sound even further with the included footswitches. Use the A/B switch to toggle between two different amp settings for versatility. The Scene footswitch allows presets for recalling customized tones in an instant. With 6 amp models and flexible switching, the sonic possibilities are practically endless.

This bundle contains everything needed to integrate the Amp Academy into your rig. It includes two high-quality instrument cables for connecting your guitar and other effects pedals. Two premium patch cables allow you to wire up your pedalboard, while the 1/4″ TRS and XLR cables handle connections to mixers, interfaces, and PAs.

With this comprehensive bundle, you get the Amp Academy pedal itself plus all the supplementary cables that completes the package. Avoid the hassle of buying individual cables and accessories needed to utilize the pedal’s amp modeling capabilities.

Experience the simplicity of having your sound dialed in whenever you plug in. Save time messing with mics and let your playing do the talking. Sculpt your dream guitar tones with the Briskdrop Amp Academy bundle.


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