Cable Matters 2-Pack XLR to 1/4″ TRS Adapter – Connect Microphones or Pro Audio Gear to Mixing Boards and Audio Interfaces


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Make seamless connections between your XLR and 1/4″ devices with the Cable Matters 2-pack XLR Male to 1/4″ TRS Female Adapter. This adapter converts a balanced XLR microphone or other pro audio connection to a 1/4″ TRS jack, allowing you to connect mics and speakers to mixing boards, audio interfaces, and more.

Connect Pro Audio Gear for Clean, Balanced Signal Transfer

The Cable Matters XLR to 1/4″ adapter enables you to connect XLR mics, cables, and other equipment to devices with 1/4″ jacks while maintaining a balanced signal. The TRS connections provide separate paths for the left, right, and ground audio signals to transmit crisp, noise-free audio.

Rugged Metal Housing for Durability

Built with long-lasting durability in mind, these 1/4″ female to XLR male adapters feature an all-metal housing that can stand up to heavy use and repeated connections. The rugged metal construction ensures the adapter will maintain a tight connection without cracking or breaking.

Secure Locking Mechanism Prevents Accidental Disconnections

A secure latch mechanism on the XLR connector locks it firmly in place to prevent it from being pulled loose during performances or recording sessions. The locking tab provides a tight, wobble-free connection for confident audio transfers without dropped signals.

Connect Microphones to Mixing Boards and Audio Interfaces

This adapter allows you to connect XLR microphones to mixing boards, PA systems, audio interfaces, keyboards, and other equipment with 1/4″ TRS inputs. Use it to connect dynamic and condenser mics for live vocals, recordings, podcasts, and more.

Link Pro Audio Gear Like Speakers, Preamps, and DI Boxes

In addition to microphones, you can use this adapter to connect monitors, powered speakers, preamps, and DI boxes to equipment with 1/4″ jacks. It allows you to integrate XLR based pro audio accessories into your existing setup.

Cost-Effective 2-Pack

With two adapters per order, you can keep one as a spare or use both at the same time to connect a pair of mics or other XLR based gear. Having an extra adapter on hand prevents show stopping problems if one gets misplaced before a performance.

Plug and Play Convenience

Setup takes just seconds – simply connect the XLR end to your pro audio gear and the 1/4″ end to your mixer, audio interface, amp, etc. No drivers, software, or power source required – just plug and play for instant compatibility. LEDs indicate signal transmission.

Works for Balanced Mono or Unbalanced Stereo Signals

This adapter allows you to transmit either a balanced mono signal or an unbalanced stereo signal between your XLR and TRS devices. It works with both TS and TRS 1/4″ connectors for flexible connectivity.

RFI Noise Reduction

Built-in RFI filtering reduces electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise to ensure clear audio quality without buzzing, humming, or distortion. It blocks interference that can muddy your mix.

Connect Instruments to Recording Interfaces

In addition to pro audio gear, you can use this adapter to connect guitars, basses, keyboard workstations, and other instruments with XLR outs to audio interfaces, mixing boards, amp modelers, and effects processors equipped with 1/4″ inputs.

Compact Size for Travel and Storage

Measuring just 2.4″ long, this adapter has a slim profile that takes up minimal space in your gear bag. It’s ideal for home recording, mobile production, and travel to gigs. The all-metal housing withstands the rigors of transport.

Rely on the Cable Matters 2-pack XLR to 1/4″ TRS adapter to make smooth, noise-free connections between all of your pro audio gear. Order today to sync XLR mics, speakers, instruments and more with your 1/4″ enabled equipment.


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