Caline CP-33 Guitar Pedal – Unleash Your Creativity with Advanced Looping Capabilities


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The Caline CP-33 mini looper pedal opens up limitless possibilities for guitarists, vocalists and all musicians seeking advanced looping functionality in a portable pedal. Packed with user-friendly controls, 10 minutes of looping time and unlimited overdubs, the CP-33 makes it easy to build layered masterpieces right at your feet.

10 Minutes of High-Quality Looping

The CP-33 provides a full 10 minutes of CD-quality looping time to capture your musical ideas. Lay down rhythms, riffs, vocal lines and more with pristine audio quality up to 10 minutes per loop. The large onboard memory ensures you’ll never lose a lick due to running out of space.

Unlimited Overdubs

Overdub new parts on top of old loops as many times as you want. The CP-33’s unlimited overdubbing capability lets you construct complex, multilayered loops with guitars, vocals, percussion and any audio source. Build an entire song from the ground up, one layer at a time.

7 Intuitive Controls

Despite its advanced functionality, the CP-33 is easy and intuitive to use thanks to 7 well-designed controls: Record, Play, Dub, ↺ (undo/redo), Stop, Loop and Delete. Quickly start, stop and overdub loops on the fly. Delete unwanted portions or erase entire loops with dedicated controls.

Dual Footswitches

Two heavy-duty footswitches allow for easy hands-free operation of record, play, dub and stop functions. The lower switch also controls undo/redo capabilities to dial in your loop performance.

True Bypass Circuitry

Using a true bypass design, the CP-33 routes your signal directly from input to output when not engaged for zero tonal coloration or signal loss. Enjoy transparent, organic tone whether looping or playing straight through.

Compact, Pedalboard-Ready Design

The durable metal CP-33 chassis takes up minimal space on your pedalboard, measuring just 3.94” x 2.56” x 2.05”. Power it with a 9V DC adapter or battery for portability. The CP-33 is ready to unleash your creative looping anywhere.

The Ultimate Looping Tool for Guitarists, Vocalists and More

The Caline CP-33 provides guitarists with an intuitive looper pedal to develop complex layers and textures. Use it to lay rhythm tracks and solo over them seamlessly. Vocalists can create harmonies or beatbox rhythms to accompany themselves. Let your creative ideas flow freely with 10 minutes of CD-quality looping and unlimited overdubs. Compact, durable and easy to use, the CP-33 inspires creativity wherever you play.

Build Layers, Texture and Depth with the Caline CP-33 Looper Pedal

With 10 minutes of looping time, unlimited overdubs and dedicated controls for every function, the CP-33 makes loop creation fun, easy and inspiring. Its studio-quality audio fidelity brings out the nuance and tone of every part. Guitarists, vocalists, keyboardists and musicians of all styles will find creative potential in the CP-33 looper pedal. Unleash your inner looping creativity today with the Caline CP-33!


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