Caline CP-83 Bass Chorus Pedal – Lush Analog Chorus Effects for Bass Guitar




Take your bass tone to new depths with the Caline CP-83 Bass Chorus pedal. Specially designed for bass guitar, this analog chorus pedal delivers lush, swirling modulation effects to thicken and widen your sound. Whether you want subtle, shimmering chorus or more dramatic rotary speaker-style effects, the CP-83 puts versatile modulation at your feet.

The CP-83 features easy-to-use controls to dial in chorus tones that complement your playing style and bass rig. The Rate knob adjusts the speed of the chorus effect from a slow, hypnotic warble to a faster, more animated sweep. Turn up the Depth knob to increase the intensity of the chorus effect. The Level knob lets you balance the chorus against your direct bass tone.

Inside, the CP-83 utilizes an all-analog BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) circuit to produce rich, dimensional chorus effects reminiscent of classic stompboxes, but optimized for bass. From subtle thickening to swirling, psychedelic modulation, this pedal brings out the best in your bass tone.

The CP-83 Bass Chorus Pedal gives you flexibility in both sound and connectivity:

Mono/Stereo Operation: Use the stereo outputs to send your chorused bass signal to two amplifiers or effects chains. Mono operation sums the signal to a single output.

Mixer/Amp Outputs: Choose Mixer mode for the balanced output and gain staging ideal for connecting to a mixing board, audio interface, or headphone amp. Amp mode provides an optimized unbalanced output for your bass amp.

Analog Dry Through: Even when bypassed, your bass tone routes through the analog circuitry for increased transparency.

Powered by a 9V DC power supply (not included), the CP-83 provides hours of inspiration and exploration. Its compact size takes up minimal space on your pedalboard.

For bassists who want to take their sound to new dimensions, the Caline CP-83 Bass Chorus is an indispensable modulation effects pedal. From subtle shimmers to rotating speaker emulations and tripped-out psychedelia, this pedal brings lush analog chorus to your low end.

Dial in sounds that range from:

Subtle Chorus: Add depth and motion to your bass tone with just a touch of chorus. Keep the Rate slow, Depth low, and Level moderate.

Sparkling Chorus: Medium Rate and Depth settings let your bass tone shimmer. Great for melodic lines.

Rotary Emulation: Crank up the Rate and Depth for speaker-spinning effects. Fun for solos or trippy breakdowns.

Psychedelic Chorus: Maxing the controls results in seasick, warping chorus great for psychedelic styles.

Chorus is an essential modulation effect that every bassist should have in their toolbox. By thickening and doubling your original tone, chorus adds life and interest to bass lines. Used subtly, it can add fullness and complexity. At more extreme settings, chorus provides almost synth-like animation.

While chorus effects originate from multiple offset voices blended with the original signal, the CP-83 generates its ambience through an analog BBD circuit. This produces an organic, vintage chorus tone that retains the core character of your bass.

The CP-83 Bass Chorus Pedal delivers flexibility and premium sound quality. Versatile yet simple to use, this compact analog effect fattens up bass tones with lush, dimensional chorus ambience. Equip your pedalboard with the CP-83 and take your bass to new depths.


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