Caline DCP-04 EASYDRIVER Distortion EQ Pedal – Versatile Distortion and 6-Band EQ in a Space-Saving Dual Pedal


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With its combination of distortion and parametric EQ, the Caline DCP-04 EASYDRIVER lets you shape heavy tones with studio-grade precision – all in one compact unit. This dual pedal packs a full distortion stompbox plus a powerful 6-band EQ into a single pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

The EASYDRIVER distortion side dishes out everything from mild overdrive to saturated distortion. Use the Gain 1 and Gain 2 knobs to dial in the right amount of grit and bite. Level controls your output volume. A 3-band EQ provides additional tonal shaping.

Having distortion is only part of the equation – sculpting it is where the EASYDRIVER really shines. The accompanying 6-band EQ allows deep tone tweaking with control over six frequency ranges:

  • 100Hz for tight low end
  • 200Hz for body and low mids
  • 400Hz for growl and attack
  • 1KHz for presence and clarity
  • 1.6KHz for string definition
  • 3.2KHz for sparkling highs

Cut muddy tones, add bite to the attack, boost highs for clarity – the EQ gives you the tools. The Level slider provides overall volume control for the EQ.

With the DCP-04 EASYDRIVER, you can go from detailed overdrive to raging distortion, precisely sculpted to your tastes. Crank up the gain for heavy rhythm tones, then tame overly resonant frequencies with the EQ. Or use the EQ first to tighten up the amp’s natural distortion. Having both effects in one enclosure saves space on your pedalboard while offering flexible sound shaping options.

The DCP-04 combines premium build quality with versatile dual effects:

– Space-Saving Design: Having two pedals in one maximizes your pedalboard real estate. Measuring just 4.3 x 2.5 x 1.9 inches, the EASYDRIVER delivers studio-level tone shaping without dominating your rig.

– Independent Circuits: The distortion and EQ run on separate circuits for noise-free performance. Integrated buffers maintain signal integrity between each side.

– Flexible Routing: Use the distortion into the EQ for pedalboard-friendly tone shaping. Or place the EQ first for tightening up your amp’s gain. Route them independently too!

– Road-Ready Construction: The durable metal chassis withstands stomping and rugged gigs. High-grade components ensure reliability.

Powered via a standard 9V center-negative power supply (not included), the DCP-04 EASYDRIVER gives you overdrive and EQ control in a minimal footprint. Whether you need versatile grit for heavy genres or a parametric EQ to fine-tune tones, this dual pedal delivers.

The Caline DCP-04 EASYDRIVER Distortion EQ Pedal makes it easy to craft professional high-gain tones:

Tighten Loose Distortion: Place the EQ before distortion to tighten sloppy gain with strategic cuts.

Shape Tube Distortion: Sculpt and enhance your amp’s natural overdrive sound.

Boost Leads: Dial in rich sustain for solos with strategic mid-boosts.

Remove Mud: Cut muddy low mids for tight chunky rhythms.

Enhance Attack: Boost upper mids to add bite and cut.

For guitar and bass players who need studio-quality distortion and EQ control in a convenient dual pedal, the DCP-04 EASYDRIVER delivers exceptional tone-crafting capability.


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