Capture Professional Quality Audio for Video with the Ritz Gear Shotgun Microphone Kit


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Take your video and audio recording to the next level with the Ritz Gear Shotgun Microphone Kit. This complete kit contains everything you need to capture clear, broadcast-quality audio for your video projects.

The star of the show is the Ritz Gear 10.8″ condenser shotgun microphone. This ultra directional mic picks up focused vocal and sound recordings with exceptional clarity and accuracy. The tight polar pattern rejects unwanted ambient noise for clean audio capture.

Whether you’re recording interviews, voiceovers, music, sound effects or ASMR, this microphone captures intricate vocal details and subtle sounds with precision. The 100Hz-16KHz frequency response and 16-bit depth preserve nuance and realism.

The durable aluminum alloy body withstands regular use indoors or outdoors. Run it off a single AA battery for up to 26 hours of portable recording power. At just 12 ounces, it won’t weigh down your gear bag or camera rig.

Connect to DSLR and mirrorless cameras, camcorders, audio interfaces, recorders and more via the integrated XLR output. The standard mount threads make it easy to attach to any microphone stand, boom pole or camera mount. Use the toggle power switch to optimize settings for close or distant recording.

For ultimate convenience, Ritz Gear includes all the essential accessories in one kit. You get a fuzzy windscreen to reduce noise and plosives, an XLR to 3.5mm adapter for DSLR cameras, a sturdy aluminum carrying case and more.

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, musician, podcaster, or content creator, this Ritz Gear shotgun mic kit will make you sound like a pro. The focused directional pickup isolates vocals and sound effects while suppressing ambient noise.

The included accessories ensure seamless compatibility with all your recording equipment. Just add batteries and start capturing cinema-quality audio for your next video project.

Key Features:

– 10.8” supercardioid condenser microphone for focused sound pickup
– Tight unidirectional polar pattern rejects ambient noise
– 100Hz-16KHz frequency response captures intricate audio details
– Durable aluminum alloy body for indoor/outdoor use
– Runs on one AA battery for up to 26 hours
– Integrated XLR output for easy connectivity
– Standard mount threading for stands, poles and camera shoes
– Toggle power switch for close and distant recording
– Includes fuzzy windscreen, XLR-3.5mm adapter, case
– Compatible with DSLR, mirrorless, camcorders and more

What’s in the Box:

– 1 x Ritz Gear 10.8” Shotgun Condenser Microphone
– 1 x Fuzzy Windscreen
– 1 x XLR to 3.5mm Adapter Cable
– 1 x Microphone Stand Adapter
– 1 x Aluminum Carry Case
– 1 x Storage Pouch
– 1 x Camera Shoe Mount
– 1 x AA Battery
– 1 x Instruction Manual

So if you’re ready to make videos that sound as good as they look, pick up the Ritz Gear Shotgun Microphone Kit today.


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