Capture the Crisp Snap of Your Snare with the Phenyx Pro PDM34 Snare Drum Microphone


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Get ready to elevate your drum recordings with the phenomenal Phenyx Pro PDM34 snare mic. Built with a tight cardioid pattern and specially tuned frequency response, this dynamic microphone captures all the crisp, snappy goodness of your snare drum. Just clamp it to any drum rim or stand and you’re ready to record studio-quality drums right at home.

Hear the True Sound of Your Snare

The PDM34 Snare Mic is optimized to capture the unique attack and resonance of snare drums. Its tailored frequency response delivers an accurate, balanced sound, picking up the wires and shell with detail and clarity. The cardioid pattern focuses directly on the drum, isolating it from the rest of the kit. Get ready to hear your snare like never before.

Withstands Extreme Volume without Distortion

Built to handle over 160dB SPL, the PDM34 can withstand the sharpest snare hits without distortion. Its dynamic element maintains a clear signal even when the drum pounding intensifies. No need to worry about clipping or clipping even when you lay into the drum. Just pure, raw snare sound is captured.

Position It Perfectly with the Clip-On Clamp

Finding the ideal spot to mic a snare can be tricky. The PDM34 makes it easy with the included clip-on microphone clamp. Just attach it to any drum hoop or stand and position the capsule precisely where you want it. The swiveling bracket offers total flexibility for aiming the mic. Plus the sturdy metal construction keeps the mic locked in place.

Sleek Low Profile Design

With its elegant metallic gray finish and slender profile, the PDM34 looks fantastic on any drum kit. The low-profile capsule sits unobtrusively within the rim, capturing sound without getting in the way. The integral mic stand mount attaches securely to any standard mic stand.

Hit the Stage or Studio

The durability and great sound make the PDM34 equally at home on stage or in the recording studio. It has the robust build to withstand live performing, yet the refined audio to capture pro studio quality tracks. Mic your snare live and in the studio with one phenomenal microphone.

Start Recording Pro-Quality Drums Now

The PDM34 Snare Microphone comes ready to capture quality drum recordings right out of the box. No extra gear needed. With the mic and clamp, you have everything you need to mic up your snare in style. Plus it includes a foam-lined carrying pouch to protect your mic when traveling between gigs and sessions.

Hear the Difference a Pro Snare Mic Makes

Take your drum recordings to the next level with the PDM34 Snare Microphone. Engineered to capture all the subtleties of a snare drum, it enables you to finally hear your drum’s unique character in recordings. Achieve that crisp, punchy snare sound you’ve always wanted, even on a modest home studio setup.

Why Choose the Phenyx Pro PDM34?

  • Tight cardioid pattern isolates snare sound
  • Tuned frequency response for accurate snare reproduction
  • Handles over 160dB SPL without distortion
  • Clip-on drum rim clamp for positioning flexibility
  • Sleek low-profile metallic design
  • Rugged all-metal build quality
  • Great for live gigs or studio use
  • Carrying pouch included for protection

Bring out the best of your snare with the phenomenal tone of the PDM34. Order today and hear what your drum is truly capable of!


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