Capture Your Creative Vision with the PreSonus Studio 26c Audio Interface Bundle


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Make your musical ideas come to life with the PreSonus Studio 26c 2×4 USB-C Audio Interface Bundle. This powerful package gives you everything you need to record, mix, and produce studio-quality music right at home.

At the heart of this bundle is the PreSonus Studio 26c compact 2×4 audio interface. Connect any XLR or 1/4-inch instrument, microphone, or line-level device to the 2 combination inputs to capture pristine 24-bit, 192 kHz recordings. Adjust input levels and monitor mixes using the intuitive top-panel controls. With advanced Burr-Brown converters and PreSonus’ trademark crystalline preamps, the Studio 26c delivers professional results in a portable form factor.

The included Studio One Artist music production software makes recording with the Studio 26c interface easy and inspiring. Choose from a massive library of virtual instruments, effects plugins, loops, and samples to craft your songs. Edit MIDI and audio with sample-accurate precision. Mix with a flexible workflow, and then release your music to streaming platforms and social media right from Studio One.

To monitor your mix in accurate detail, the PreSonus CR4-X powered reference monitors reveal every nuance in your recordings. Their silk-dome tweeters deliver crisp highs, while 4-inch woofers provide punchy lows without overhyping the bass. Positioned horizontally or vertically, the ultra-compact CR4-X speakers fit into any workspace.

Rounding out this bundle is the ATOM pad controller for triggering samples, virtual instruments, and effects. Its hyper-sensitive pads respond to your lightest touch for dynamic, expressive performances. Assign pad functions and control virtual instruments using the intuitive ATOM software editor.

Whether you produce electronic dance music, record live instruments, or mix using virtual instruments, the PreSonus Studio 26c interface bundle provides an end-to-end solution for computer-based music production. Capture your creative vision with studio-quality recording, mixing, and sound.

Key Features:

PreSonus Studio 26c Audio Interface

– 2×4 USB-C audio interface for macOS and Windows
– 24-bit, 192 kHz resolution for ultra-high definition recordings
– 2 combination inputs to connect microphones, instruments, and line sources
– Top-panel controls for input levels, stereo monitoring, headphone mix, and more
– Advanced Burr-Brown converters ensure crystal clear signal
– USB bus-powered operation; no external power supply needed

Studio One Artist DAW Software

– Professional music production software included
– Record, edit, and mix audio and MIDI
– Huge library of virtual instruments, effects, loops, and samples
– Drag-and-drop looping for rapid song creation
– Release your music to streaming platforms right from Studio One

PreSonus CR4-X Studio Monitors

– Accurate 4-inch reference monitors reveal every production detail
– Tight bass and crisp highs optimized for studio mixing
– Ultra-compact design fits any workspace
– Can be positioned vertically or horizontally
– Connect to any audio interface or computer

PreSonus ATOM Pad Controller

– Expressive pad controller for performing and producing music
– 8 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads
– Easily integrate with VSTs for powerful tactile control
– Customizable RGB backlighting for visual feedback
– Map pad functions using the ATOM control software

Recording Essentials

– Boom arm for optimal microphone positioning
– Headphones for mixing and monitoring
– Isolation shield for reducing ambient noise

Take Your Studio anywhere

Thanks to its portable design and bus-powered operation, you can take the PreSonus Studio 26c audio interface anywhere your music takes you. Produce professional recordings in your home studio, jam space, or even on the road. With its advanced converters and crystal clear preamps, this compact interface captures your sound with studio-quality 24-bit, 192 kHz resolution.

Streamline your workflow using the intuitive control software for macOS and Windows. Access vital monitoring and routing functions right from your computer screen. You can even blend multiple audio sources together for zero-latency monitoring.

Whether you produce pop, rock, hip hop, or EDM, the included Studio One Artist provides an inspiring production playground. Construct songs from loops, MIDI patterns, and virtual instruments. Record live instruments and vocals through the Studio 26c inputs. Mix using a flexible drag-and-drop workflow. Master your tracks and release them directly to stores and streaming platforms.

Hear Every Detail

To achieve a professional mix that translates perfectly across systems, you need accurate monitoring. That’s where the PreSonus CR4-X studio monitors come in. Their 4-inch woven-composite woofers deliver tight, defined bass that lets you balance low-end elements precisely.

1-inch silk-dome tweeters reproduce crisp highs up to 20 kHz without fatiguing harshness or piercing artifacts. Optimized front-firing ports reduce boundary coupling for superior imaging with flexible placement options. Whether you position them horizontally or vertically, the CR4-X monitors provide reliable reference monitoring in a sleek, compact form factor.

Perform and Produce with ATOM

The included ATOM pad controller inspires creative music production and performance. Lay down dynamic grooves and trigger samples using its 8 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads. With RGB backlights and animated colors, ATOM provides visual feedback for your performances.

Easily integrate ATOM with your favorite music software like Ableton Live or Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol. Map pads to trigger clips, cue points, finger drumming, and more. Access a new world of expressive musical control for drumming, launching clips, and playing virtual instruments.

Premium Recording Gear

This bundle also provides essential recording accessories for professional results. The adjustable boom arm lets you position the microphone exactly where you want it. High-quality monitoring headphones deliver accurate sound so you can mix with confidence.

The isolation shield reduces ambient room noise for cleaner recordings. Build an end-to-end music recording setup with premium gear included in this PreSonus bundle.

PreSonus Studio 26c Bundle: Key Features

– PreSonus Studio 26c 2×4 USB-C Audio Interface
– Studio One Artist DAW for Recording, Mixing, and Mastering
– PreSonus CR4-X Studio Monitor Speakers
– PreSonus ATOM Pad Controller for Performance and Production
– Microphone Boom Arm, Headphones, and Isolation Shield
– Bus-Powered Portable Design
– 24-bit/192 kHz Recording Resolution
– Inspiring Tools for Music Production and Performance

Make professional studio-quality music anywhere with the PreSonus Studio 26c Audio Interface Bundle.


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