Capture Your Musical Ideas Anywhere with the Zoom R12 Multi Track Portable Recorder




For musicians, producers, podcasters, and creators, inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. Don’t let your creative ideas slip away before you can record them. With the Zoom R12 Multi Track Portable Recorder, you have the power to make pro-quality recordings no matter where you are. This ultra-portable studio fits in a backpack so you can record demos, sketches, songs, podcasts, vocals and instruments on the go or at home.

Intuitive DAW-Style Touchscreen Interface

The R12 harnesses a large touchscreen interface that will feel familiar to any digital audio workstation user. Easily navigate menus, view tracks, and edit recordings with drag, drop, swipe and pinch gestures. Pinch to zoom in on a section of a track. Swipe comp segments to adjust gain reduction. Drag and drop files to reorder track layout. The intuitive touchscreen makes recording and editing incredibly simple.

Flexible 8-Track Recording

With two combo XLR and 1/4″ inputs, the R12 lets you capture vocals, instruments, drum machines, synths and more in crystal clear 24-bit/96 kHz quality. Record up to 8 tracks simultaneously for fully fleshed out songs and compositions. The two inputs come with studio-grade preamps, phantom power for condenser mics, and hi-Z capability for direct guitar recordings.

Onboard Editing and Processing

Don’t just capture the raw tracks – dial in the perfect sound with the R12’s editing and effects capabilities. Clean up vocals with the built-in compressor, EQ, and reverb effects. Trim the beginning and ends of tracks with the trimming tool. You can even pitch correct vocals with automatic tuning. For guitarists, amp modelling, cabinet emulation, and pedal effects provide studio-quality tone anywhere. Undo mistakes and polish recordings with the powerful onboard editing suite.

Song Sketch Functions for Creativity

Capture song ideas in their raw, unfiltered form with the R12’s outstanding sketch functions. Choose from 150 built-in drum patterns and rhythms spanning multiple genres to drop into your tracks. Get creative with the onboard synth and its 18 instrument sounds including organs, keys, pads, and synth leads. Record your riffs and licks through the amp modelling and resculpt your tone later during editing. The possibilities are endless for songwriting and experimentation.

Take It Anywhere

At a mere 1.6 pounds, the palm-sized R12 slips easily into a backpack, guitar case, or shoulder bag. Record for hours powered solely by 4 AA batteries or USB bus power. Transfer recordings to your Mac, PC or iOS device via USB for editing and mixdown in your favorite DAW software, then export your completed songs to share online or with your bandmates. With pro-level features in a go-anywhere size, the R12 empowers you to record studio-quality music no matter where creativity strikes.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive 8-track recording interface with touchscreen operation
  • 2 combo XLR-1/4″ inputs with preamps, phantom power, and hi-Z
  • 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution for pro-quality recording
  • Onboard editing tools: Trim, copy, paste, pitch correct
  • Effects: EQ, compression, reverb, amp/cab modelling, and more
  • 150 drum patterns and built-in synth with 18 sounds
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight 1.6 lb design
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries or USB bus power
  • Audio interface capabilities for computer connectivity

For musicians, podcasters, and creatives, the Zoom R12 Multi Track Portable Recorder unleashes your inspiration by giving you a powerful recording studio that fits in your pocket. Capture song ideas, voiceovers, vocals, instruments and more in pro-level 24bit/96kHz quality no matter where you are. Shape your sound with effects and onboard editing, then export your tracks to finish songs in your favorite DAW software. The intuitive touchscreen interface makes capturing your creative vision simple. Don’t let inspiration slip away – record it in pro-fidelity audio with the Zoom R12 Portable Recorder.


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