Cheerock 20-Pack Guitar Pedal Footswitch Toppers – Add Color and Protection to Your Effect Pedals




Make your guitar pedalboard uniquely yours and protect your footswitches with this 20-pack assortment of pedal footswitch toppers from Cheerock. Available in 10 vibrant colors, these durable PVC caps add personality to your pedals while keeping the switches clean and safe from damage.

Customize and Protect Your Pedalboard

Tired of plain looking pedals with boring off-white footswitches? Simply pop a Cheerock pedal cap on each effect and instantly give your pedalboard a fun, colorful look. But these caps don’t just provide visual appeal – the thick PVC material protects your effect switches from wear and tear. The textured top gives improved grip, letting you accurately activate effects on stage or in studio.

Premium Quality PVC Construction

Each pedal footswitch cover is crafted from durable PVC that’s built to last. The tough material holds up to repeated stomping and resists scuffs and scratches that can occur during transport. The bright color won’t fade over time thanks to quality manufacturing and UV-resistant inks.

Universal Fit for Nearly Any Pedal

Designed to fit most major guitar pedal brands, these caps measure 24.4 x 13mm with a 10mm switch cutout. The inner diameter stretches from 21 to 9.6mm to adapt to various switch shapes and sizes. Installation only takes seconds – simply stretch the cap over your pedal’s existing footswitch until it pops securely into place.

10 Vibrant Colors

You’ll get two caps each of 10 different colors including:

– Bright Red
– Neon Green
– Electric Blue
– Vivid Violet
– Bold Yellow
– Cool White
– Sharp Black
– Soft Pink
– Warm Orange
– Cool Gray

Mix and match to create unique color patterns. Use one color for modulation effects, another for drives, etc.

Available in 20 or 60-Packs

The 20-pack offers a variety of colors to customize a smaller pedalboard. For larger setups, Cheerock also offers convenient 60-pack options with enough caps to cover even the biggest pedalboards.

Premier Guitar Pedal Accessories

Cheerock is a leading brand for quality, innovative guitar effects accessories. All products are designed by musicians for musicians. In addition to footswitch toppers, Cheerock also offers patch cables, power supplies, pedal couplers and more – everything you need to optimize your pedalboard.

Transform Your Pedalboard Today

Dress up your pedals with a splash of color and keep footswitches performing their best. Order the Cheerock 20-Pack Guitar Pedal Footswitch Toppers now and start customizing! We also offer lightning-fast shipping and friendly customer support.


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