Codyin 9V Guitar Effect Pedal Battery Case – Durable Protective Enclosure for 9 Volt Batteries


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Protect and Organize Your 9V Batteries for Guitar Pedals, Amps, Mixers and More

Stay powered up and pedal on with the Codyin 9V battery case. This rugged enclosure is specially designed to protect and organize 9 volt batteries for a wide range of musical equipment like guitar pedals, amps, equalizers, mixers and more.

Crafted from premium polypropylene plastic, our battery case is made to last. The durable exterior shields your 9V battery from bumps, drops, dust and debris. Large ridges along the sides make the case easy to grip and handle. Hassle-free battery changes are a breeze thanks to the snap-on lid that provides quick and easy access.

Inside, the case features molded contours that cradle your 9V securely in place. Strategically placed ventilation holes allow heat to dissipate, helping prevent your battery from overheating. Two versatile metal belt clips allow you to mount the case on a pedalboard or amp.

Keep Your Equipment Powered Up and Ready to Rock

Nothing kills your creative vibe faster than instruments and effects pedals suddenly dying. Avoid unexpected power failures that interrupt your practice seshes, recording sessions and live gigs. Stash a fresh 9V battery in our protective case so you always have backup power close at hand.

The Codyin 9V battery case is a must-have accessory for every guitarist, bassist, drummer and performer. Easily store it in your gig bag, stick it to your pedalboard or amp, or toss it in your backpack. Wherever you keep it, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve got the power you need to keep the music playing.

Designed for All Your Musical Equipment Needs

Our 9V battery case works with all kinds of guitars, basses, amps, pedals, mixers, processors and other electronics that require 9V power. It’s the perfect solution for:

  • Guitar effect pedals like distortions, choruses, delays, reverbs, phasers, flangers and more
  • Bass effect pedals and preamp pedals
  • Guitar and bass multi-effects processors
  • Guitar, bass and acoustic guitar preamps
  • Guitar and bass amp heads, combos and cabs
  • Powered PA mixers and monitors
  • Wireless in-ear monitor systems
  • Vocal processors and effects pedals
  • Keyboard amps, mixers and pedalboards

If it takes a 9V battery, our case will organize, protect and transport it with ease. No more hunting for batteries before a gig or session. No more tossing loose batteries in your gig bag. Keep your 9V batteries secure yet easily accessible so you never miss a beat.

Premium Protection and Convenience for All Your Batteries

Tired of throwing loose batteries into random drawers and compartments? Bring order to the chaos with our battery case designed to neatly organize and store your 9Vs. The durable enclosure shields the battery terminals from damage while the snap-on lid keeps dust out. Molded ridges securely hold the battery in place to prevent rattling and sparks. Ventilation holes help regulate temperature.

Integrated belt clips allow flexible mounting options. Stick it on your pedalboard or amp for quick battery swaps on stage. Toss it in your gig bag or instrument case for portable power. Keep one handy in your studio for easy access during recording sessions. Wherever you put it, you’ll appreciate the convenience and protection.

You get the peace of mind of knowing your 9V batteries are protected from crushing impacts and debris. At the same time, the case keeps terminals isolated so loose items in your bag don’t accidentally spark the leads. Forget dealing with batteries that are caked in dirt or covered in mystery gunk when you pull them out of a drawer. Keep your 9Vs clean and energized with the Codyin battery case.

Order Today and Power Up Your Musical Equipment!

Provide your guitar pedals, amps, processors and other electronics with reliable 9V power using the Codyin battery case. This rugged enclosure organizes, protects and transports your backup 9 volt batteries so you’re never without power. Order now to keep your equipment powered up and ready to rock!


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