CRZNSNM Portable Electronic Drum Set for Kids – 9-Pad Silicone Roll-Up Drum Kit with Built-In Speakers, Headphones Jack, Drumsticks & Foot Pedal


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Give your kids the rockstar treatment with the CRZNSNM Portable Electronic Drum Set! This innovative drum kit packs big percussion into a compact, easy-to-use design perfect for little drummers.

With 9 velocity-sensitive pads, built-in speakers, and headphone jack, it’s an all-in-one way to start playing drums anywhere. The roll-up silicone play surface and kid-friendly features make drum practice fun and entertaining!

## An Authentic Drum Experience in a Convenient Package

Traditional drum sets are bulky, expensive, and require lots of space. This kids electronic drum set has all the same drums and cymbals without the hassle:

– 3 Tom Pads
– Snare Pad
– Hi-Hat Pad
– Crash Cymbal Pad
– Ride Cymbal Pad
– Bass Drum Pad

The responsive silicone pads feel great under the included drumsticks. They have natural rebound while absorbing excess noise compared to plastic pads. It gives an authentic playing experience young drummers will love!

Best of all, the drum mat rolls up for easy storage and transportation. Set it up anywhere in seconds – bedroom, living room, studio, or take it on the go. It’s a drum kit designed around portability and convenience for kids.

## Jam Out with Built-In Speakers or Headphones

This electronic drum set has versatile audio options to suit any situation:

– Loud stereo speakers let kids rock out and hear every beat. Adjust volume up or down as needed.
– Aux input connects smartphones/MP3 players to jam along with music.
– Headphone jack for silent practice so siblings can sleep or study nearby.

With quality built-in sound plus headphone and Aux features, young musicians can drum out wherever inspiration strikes! The freedom of battery-powered portability takes jam sessions on the go.

## Fun Practice Features for Beginner Drummers

Learning drums is exciting enough for kids. We packed in extra features to keep them engaged and make playing even more fun:

– Built-in drum coach with LED lights guides proper technique.
– 10 awesome demo songs to play along with across multiple genres.
– 7 different drum kit tones from deep acoustic to sharp electronic.
– 9 rhythm patterns with adjustable tempo for practice variety.
– Record, playback, and save your performances!

These kid-friendly modes turn learning drums into an interactive game. The coaching feedback helps build timing and skills with motivation. Before you know it, they’ll be drumming like a pro!

## Premium Quality Roll-Up Drum Set Built to Last

Durability is important with active kids playing drums. We use premium materials designed to withstand years of enjoyment:

– Tough silicone pad surfaces withstand thousands of hits.
– Reinforced edges prevent cracking and peeling.
– Water-resistant pads and electric components.
– Sturdy kick pedal and mounting hardware.
– Lightweight steel frame folds down for travel and storage.

Many roll-up drum sets are cheaply made and fall apart quickly. Ours uses pro-grade components you can trust as your child’s talent grows. All accessories like drumsticks, pedal, and connection cables are included too!

With quality construction and kid-friendly portability, the CRZNSNM Electronic Drum Set is built to handle even the most enthusiastic young drummers.

## The Perfect Drum Set Gift for Toddlers, Kids & Beginners

Drums foster creativity, confidence, and coordination in young minds. If you know a child who’s eager to start drumming, our portable kit is the perfect gift!

Kids love jamming out to their favorite songs. With built-in audio, they can play along with the music for hours. The silent headphone jack lets them drum any time without disturbing others.

It’s ideal for toddlers and young children to explore music in a fun, engaging way. The roll-up silicone mats provide a safe surface with no sharp edges. Start drumming skills early without breaking fragile sticks.

Learning drums builds dexterity, rhythm, and patience over time. The training modes and LED coaching keep kids motivated to improve. Give the gift of music that fosters focus, discipline, and listening skills beyond the drums alone.

Surprise your young musician at birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion with the drum set that encourages creativity through play. It all comes packaged in a convenient carrying case ready to unleash their inner rockstar!

## We Know How Important Your Child’s Development Is

Like you, we want your child’s growth and education to be fun while building skills for the future. Our electronic drum set engages their mind through the power of music and play.

We gladly provide a 30-day return window if you aren’t fully satisfied. You’re also protected by a 365-day replacement warranty just in case anything goes wrong. Contact our friendly customer support team for any reason – your child’s success matters to us!

Let your kids start drumming today with the safe, portable kit designed just for them. The CRZNSNM Electronic Drum Set – order now and unleash your child’s inner rockstar!


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