Cubilux HLMS-C5 USB Audio Interface – Record, Stream and Podcast with Ease




Unlock your creative potential with the Cubilux HLMS-C5 USB audio interface. This versatile hub provides everything you need to record demos, live stream performances, podcast or game with professional quality audio.

With a compact and portable design, the HLMS-C5 transforms your computer into a mini recording studio. The dual-channel interface allows you to plug in both a microphone and instrument simultaneously. Capture vocals, guitars, keyboards and more with stunning 24-bit/96khz resolution.

Transform Your Computer into a Recording Studio

The HLMS-C5 audio interface couldn’t be easier to use. Simply connect it to your computer’s USB port and you’re ready to record.

With a 1/4″ TRS headphone jack, you can monitor your audio with zero latency. Sing or play along while hearing your vocals or instrument clearly. Adjust headphone volume independently of your main mix. No more delayed or echoey sound while tracking.

The HLMS-C5 also provides phantom power for condenser microphones, allowing you to use professional studio mics without needing an external power supply.

Podcast and Live Stream with Professional Quality

Elevate the quality of your podcasts, live streams and YouTube videos. The Cubilux interface provides low-noise, high-resolution audio that makes your productions stand out.

Plug in your favorite dynamic XLR mic to capture your voice in full detail. Or connect instruments like acoustic guitar and keyboards to enrich your productions. The pristine 24-bit/96kHz conversion captures every subtle nuance.

With dual inputs, you can interview guests remotely while recording each call on its own track. Blend and balance each source with ease.

Jam and Practice Anywhere

The portable design makes the HLMS-C5 perfect for jamming or practicing on the go. With a laptop and a pair of headphones, you’ve got a capable recording rig. Capture song ideas whenever inspiration strikes.

Connect guitars, basses, keyboards and more using the 1/4″ input. Adjust the low latency monitoring to dial in the perfect mix. Shape your tone using software amp/cab sims and effects while tracking.

The HLMS-C5 is ideal for instrumental practice at home or anywhere else you want to play. The interface eliminates distracting delay, allowing you to focus on your performance.

Key Features

– 1x XLR mic input with phantom power
– 1x 1/4″ TRS line input
– 1x 1/4″ TRS headphone output
– Dual-channel 24-bit/96kHz recording
– Zero latency monitoring
– Portable design powered via USB
– Works with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3/4 ports
– Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook

XLR Microphone Input

The HLMS-C5 XLR input makes recording vocals or acoustic instruments a breeze. Just plug in your favorite mic and start tracking.

48V phantom power accommodates both dynamic and condenser microphones so you can use professional studio mics without an external power supply. Dial in the perfect vocal or acoustic tone.

The ultra-low-noise preamp delivers clean, accurate signal even when cranking up the gain. Capture every detail from subtle whispers to powerful belts.

Hi-Z Instrument Input

Plug guitars, basses, keyboards and more directly into the HLMS-C5’s 1/4″ input. The Hi-Z circuitry ensures pristine transfer of passive instrument signals for rich, detailed recording.

Shape your tone using software amp/cab sims and effects. Or reamp tracks through your favorite amps. The HLMS-C5 captures the raw instrument signal so you can easily add processing after recording.

Zero Latency Monitoring

The HLMS-C5 allows you to monitor your live audio through headphones with zero delay. Sing or play along while hearing your own voice or instrument clearly in the mix.

Software monitoring alone results in distracting echo and delay that throw off your performance. With the HLMS-C5, what goes into the mic is exactly what comes out of the headphones. Finally, track, practice and perform without technical hindrances.

Dual Channel Recording

The 2-channel design makes recording a breeze. Capture vocals on one channel and acoustic guitar on the other. Or record a podcast interview with each guest on their own track.

Easily control the blend and balance of each source independently. Get vocals louder in the mix or turn up the guitar solo. With 2 channels, you’ve got flexibility and control.

Take Your Recording Rig Anywhere

The Cubilux HLMS-C5 audio interface couldn’t be more portable. The compact all-metal chassis takes up barely any space. No external power required – just plug it into your computer’s USB port.

Record demos at home, the studio or anywhere else inspiration hits. Jam with friends or bandmates wherever you can set up. The HLMS-C5 is lightweight and durable for life on the go.

With pro studio quality in a pocket-sized interface, your only limit is your imagination. Capture your best takes wherever creativity strikes.

So unlock your creative potential with the Cubilux HLMS-C5 USB audio interface. Transform your computer into a capable recording studio for demos, podcasts, live streaming, gaming, jam sessions and more!


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