dbx 231s Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer – Shape Your Sound with Precision


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The dbx 231s is a powerful tool for sculpting your audio, allowing you to boost or cut specific frequencies with surgical precision. This dual channel, 31-band graphic equalizer gives you extensive control over your sound for recording, live audio, home theater, and more.

Sculpt Your Sound with 31 Precise EQ Bands Per Channel

At the heart of the 231s are two channels of constant Q filters with 31 bands spaced at 1/3 octave intervals from 20Hz to 20kHz. This lets you target narrow slices of the frequency spectrum to tackle problem resonances or shape the overall tonal balance. The fixed frequency points ensure consistent results.

Boost or cut each band by up to 12dB for dramatic or subtle effects. The EQ can be bypassed with the front panel button to easily compare your changes. Four LED ladders clearly show the output level of each channel.

Flexible Signal Routing for Mono or Stereo Setups

The dbx 231s has extensive I/O options to integrate into any system. Connect balanced or unbalanced signals using 1/4″ TRS and XLR inputs and outputs. Use it in:

  • Mono mode – both channels affect the same source
  • Dual mono mode – each channel affects a separate mono source
  • Stereo mode – channel 1 controls left, channel 2 controls right

Link the channels for convenient stereo operation. Up to 12dB of input gain is available on each channel before the EQ section.

Robust dbx Build Quality and Sound

As expected from dbx, the 231s equalizer is built from quality components to deliver low noise operation and superb audio quality. It utilizes dbx’s proprietary VCA technology for rock-solid EQ response even at extreme settings.

The all-steel 2U rack chassis has a rugged build quality for years of use. Its striking black finish looks great on stage, in your studio rack, or with your home audio system. With versatile I/O, linking modes, and 31 precise bands per channel, the dbx 231s provides extensive tone-shaping power with the brand’s signature sound.

Shape Any Audio Source – Instruments, Mixes, Playback, and More

The precision equalization makes the dbx 231s a versatile problem solver and tonal sculptor:

  • Instruments – Shape guitar, bass, keys, drums, vocals, and more. Boost solos, fatten snares, etc.
  • Mixing – Control problem room modes. Create space with notches. Push vocals forward.
  • Recording – Compensate for deficiencies in close mics. Enhance tracks in EQ-friendly ranges.
  • Live Sound – Tame feedback. Make instruments cut through the mix. Optimize mains.
  • Home Audio – Reduce boominess. Improve clarity for dialog. Enhance music playback.

The dbx reputation for great sounding, road-tough pro gear makes the 231s a smart choice for anyone who needs precise control of their frequency response.

Key Features

  • Dual 31-band, 1/3 octave EQs with boost/cut from +/- 6 to 12 dB
  • Constant Q filters from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Front panel bypass and channel link buttons
  • 12dB input gain per channel before EQ section
  • Balanced TRS 1/4″ and XLR inputs and outputs
  • 4-segment LED output metering per channel
  • Rugged steel 2U rackmount chassis

Whether you are a musician dialing in your ultimate tone, a mixing engineer perfecting your blend, or an audiophile customizing your home audio, the dbx 231s Dual Channel Graphic Equalizer provides precise control for any application.


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