Decksaver Cover for Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 DJ Controller


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Protect your Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 DJ controller and keep it performing like new with the Decksaver DDJ-FLX10 Cover. Custom engineered for a perfect fit, this protective cover shields all knobs, buttons, and faders from damage during transport and storage.

Engineered Specifically for Pioneer DDJ-FLX10

Decksaver covers are precision-tailored for specific DJ controllers to ensure a flawless fit. The DDJ-FLX10 cover was developed in partnership with Pioneer for seamless compatibility with the controller’s unique layout. The snug fit gives maximum protection while allowing full access to all controls, inputs and outputs.

Smoked Transparency Shows Off Your Gear

The Decksaver cover features a sleek transparent window so you can still admire your gear even when it’s protected. The patented smoked tint looks great while preventing UV damage that can fade plastics. Your DDJ-FLX10 stays safe but is still visible in all its glory.

Safeguards Against Dust, Spills and Impacts

Various mishaps can easily damage unprotected DJ gear. The tough Decksaver cover shields your DDJ-FLX10 from:

  • Dust accumulation during storage
  • Splashes and spills while performing or transporting
  • Impacts from drops, bumps and scrapes

The cover fits tightly around knobs, faders and buttons to prevent damage. Keep your controller in flawless condition during travel and storage.

Allows Full Cable Access

The Decksaver cover leaves the back of the DDJ-FLX10 exposed so all your connections remain accessible. Easily plug and unplug the power cord, USB cable, and other inputs and outputs without removing the cover. Protect your connections from getting bumped or unplugged during transport.

Takes Up Minimal Space

The Decksaver cover adds just a few millimeters of thickness to your DDJ-FLX10 controller. The low profile design makes the cover travel friendly and space saving. Keep it protected in cramped DJ booths, flight cases, and bags without hassle. Stash it safely even in tight spaces.

Travel Confidently with Your Controller

Heading to a gig, festival, or friend’s place? Keep your DDJ-FLX10 safe during transit with the Decksaver cover. Its durable polycarbonate surface and snug fit shields the controller from damage in the car, plane, or train. Arrive worry-free knowing your gear is protected.

Use It Onstage for Added Safety

Even performing live poses risks to your unattended gear. Liquid spills, falling objects, and curious hands can harm your controller. Put the Decksaver cover on while you’re mixing to create a barrier against accidents. Focus on your set without stressing over your expensive equipment.

Designed for repeated, long-term use

The Decksaver cover is built from highly durable materials that last through years of regular use. Its rugged polycarbonate surface resists scuffs and abrasions far better than plastic. The snug fit maintains its protective qualities over time. Consider it a wise long-term investment.

Peace of Mind for Your Prized Possession

For DJs, our music gear is truly prized. Keep your beloved DDJ-FLX10 safe and sound with Decksaver. Use it as your controller’s first line of defense against the chaos of gigging, traveling, and daily use. Protect your investment in your art and livelihood.

Decksaver is the DJ’s Brand of Choice

With over 25 years of expertise catering to DJs, Decksaver has earned a sterling reputation for quality and reliability. Some of the world’s best known DJs rely on Decksaver to keep their gear protected while on the move. Join the pros and protect your DDJ-FLX10 with Decksaver.

Give your Pioneer controller the specialized protection it deserves. Pick up the custom-designed Decksaver Cover for the DDJ-FLX10 today.


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