Decksaver Protective Polycarbonate Cover for Korg Monologue Synth


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Shield Your Korg Monologue Synth with a Sturdy and Stylish Polycarbonate Cover

Keep your Korg Monologue synthesizer safe from dust, spills, and accidental impacts with the Decksaver polycarbonate cover. Custom designed specifically for the Korg Monologue, this protective cover encases the synth when not in use without obstructing cables, knobs, or buttons.

Made from crystal clear polycarbonate, the cover allows you to view your synth while offering rugged protection. Polycarbonate is a highly durable plastic used in industrial and security applications like bulletproof glass. The transparent material also enables you to operate the synth controls and view the display without removing the cover.

Precision-Fitted for the Korg Monologue Synth

Decksaver thoroughly measured every contour and dimension of the Korg Monologate to create a cover that fits like a glove around the synth. The snug fit prevents the cover from shifting around and ensures it does not dampen any buttons or controls. Openings on the cover provide access to all ports and connectors so you can keep cables plugged in while protected.

The bottom edge is flanged to provide stability and lift the cover off internal components. This prevents contact that could interfere with knobs or scratch the synth. The tight seam with the edge of the Monologue also restricts dust and debris from entering. Decksaver covers are designed for a perfect fit you can trust to keep your synth safe.

Crystal Clear Optical Grade Polycarbonate Construction

The cover is constructed using optically pure polycarbonate plastic. This is the same ultra-strong material used in demanding industrial applications like riot shields, motorcycle helmets, and bulletproof glass. The high-grade polycarbonate offers unbeatable scratch resistance to maintain the cover’s crystal clear transparency through years of use.

Polycarbonate is also inherently resistant to shattering or cracking when impacted. The durable material provides peace of mind that accidental drops, bumps, or nudges won’t damage your synth. While lightweight for easy handling, the cover offers tough protection you can rely on.

Stylish Protection Preserves Your Synth’s Appearance

The Decksaver cover shields your synth from scratches, scuffs, and unsightly wear that can quickly degrade its appearance over time. The transparent cover allows the synth’s sleek design and finishes to clearly shine through while keeping the exterior protected. This helps your Korg Monologue retain its sophisticated look for years to come.

The crystal clear polycarbonate has a subtle frosted texture that diffuses light beautifully to complement your synth’s modern aesthetics. The cover always looks crisp and enhances your synth setup’s visual appeal. Keep your investment looking as stunning as the day you bought it.

Hassle-Free Maintenance and Usability

Simply place the cover over your Korg Monologue whenever you need to transport the synth or are not using it. The wide opening permits easy one-handed installation and removal in seconds without requiring any adjustments. Cables remain connected for uninterrupted setups, allowing you to get back to playing faster.

Built-in ventilation on the cover allows heat to properly dissipate from the synth’s circuits to prevent overheating issues. The cover permits normal airflow while protecting inner components from entry of contaminants. Keeping dust out of the sensitive controls, circuits and keys also reduces maintenance requirements.

Designed in the UK for Quality Assurance

Decksaver products are designed and tested in the UK to ensure the highest standards of quality and fit. The brand has been leading the market in synth covers for over 15 years. All Decksaver covers are engineered with meticulous care to be reliable and durable.

By designing the cover in house rather than outsourcing production, Decksaver is able to closely oversee every aspect from the 3D modelling to the injection moulding process. This results in covers with superior fit and consistency. Count on your Decksaver cover to deliver lasting protection and peace of mind.

Invest in the Perfect Protection for Your Synth

Keep dust, debris and everyday wear from degrading your Korg Monologue’s appearance and functionality. A Decksaver cover offers rugged polycarbonate protection without compromising usability, and all at an affordable price. Protect your investment in a high-quality synth with a cover designed specifically for the Korg Monologue.


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