Decksaver Smoke Transparent Cover for Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 DJ Controller


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Keep your Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 safe from dust, spills, and impact damage with the Decksaver LE smoke transparent cover. Custom designed specifically for the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 DJ controller, this protective cover shields the sensitive knobs, buttons, and faders from harm while allowing full viewing and operation of your gear.

Patented Smoke Transparency for Full Visibility

The Decksaver cover features a patented smoked transparency that provides complete visibility of your DDJ-FLX4’s controls while closed. The unique clear yet smoked tint allows you to cleanly view the controller’s buttons, knobs, waveforms, and displays without glare or obstruction. You’ll be able to visually monitor all functions of your DDJ-FLX4 while keeping it protected.

Shield Vulnerable Components from Harm

DJ controllers have lots of delicate parts that are susceptible to damage – buttons that can get stuck, knobs that can get broken off, faders that can get bent. The Decksaver cover creates a protective barrier around the most vulnerable components of your DDJ-FLX4 controller. Precision cutouts give total access to use the controller normally while safeguarding the fragile buttons, knobs, faders, and inputs from harm.

Water Resistant Surface Prevents Liquid Damage

Accidental drink spills can instantly damage electronics, but this cover helps protect your investment. Its softly textured surface resists moisture penetration, preventing liquid from reaching your DDJ-FLX4’s sensitive circuitry. Just wipe away any accidental spills quickly and your gear stays protected.

Blocks Dust Buildup During Storage

When your DDJ-FLX4 is covered, dust is unable to accumulate on the controller’s surface and sensitive components. This keeps your faders sliding smoothly and prevents debris buildup near important buttons and knobs over time. Less cleaning means more time mixing!

Impact Protection for Travel

The Decksaver cover shields your DDJ-FLX4 DJ controller from bumps and shocks encountered during transportation and storage. Its rigid yet lightweight polycarbonate surface absorbs impact to keep your controller safe and fully functional. The cover prevents damage to delicate components when carrying your gear between studio, stage, and gig locations.

Low Profile Design for Bag/Case Compatibility

The Decksaver cover is specially designed to integrate seamlessly with most DJ bags, cases, and hard shells. Its trimmed down proportions add only 3mm thickness when covered, allowing your DDJ-FLX4 controller to fit into your favorite carry case or bag as normal. The slim design prevents fit issues with nearly any mobile DJ setup.

Quick Access for Working DJs

Designed for efficiency, the Decksaver cover can be detached and reattached in seconds. The simple elastic strap design allows quick removal when you need to use your DDJ-FLX4 and instant re-covering when you’re done. Frequent gigging DJs will appreciate the fast on/off capability.

Non-Slip Surface Stays in Place

Rubberized feet on the bottom of the cover prevent it from shifting around on your work surface. The textured material helps the cover grip securely to the controller without slipping. This allows hassle-free use without the cover moving out of position during intense DJ performances.

Venting for Cooling Airflow

Built-in vents on the sides of the Decksaver cover allow proper airflow to keep your DDJ-FLX4 from overheating when covered. Cooling fans can properly regulate internal temperatures so that your controller won’t malfunction from heat buildup. Proper ventilation gives added protection.

Organize Cables Neatly

Built-in cable ports allow connection of power adapters, headphones, speakers and other gear while keeping cables tidy underneath the cover. Just thread your cables through the ports and access your connections without removing the cover. Keeps your workspace organized and DJ rig setup simple.

Protect your investment with the official Decksaver smoke transparent cover custom designed for the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 DJ controller. This essential accessory shields all controls from damage while allowing full visible functionality and quick access. Pick up this cover to keep your DDJ-FLX4 mixer protected and operating like new during transport, storage, and performance.


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