DEKIRU Hexagon Soundproofing Acoustic Panels – Self-Adhesive Sound Absorbing Wall Tiles for Office, Studio, Walls and Ceilings (12 Pack)


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Transform any space into an acoustic haven with the DEKIRU Hexagon Self-Adhesive Soundproofing Acoustic Panels. Featuring a high-performance hexagonal design, these acoustic wall tiles are engineered to absorb echo, reverberation and background noise in any room.

With an NRC rating of over 0.92, the 100% polyester fiber material mutes sound reflections exceptionally well. The self-adhesive backing enables easy peel and stick installation on walls, ceilings, doors, studios and more. Dramatically improve sound quality with these multi-purpose acoustic treatments.

Core Benefits:

  • Self-Adhesive for Easy Application – Strong sticky backing adheres securely to surfaces.
  • Absorbs Echo, Reverberation & Noise – NRC 0.92 rating drastically improves acoustics.
  • Stylish Hexagon Design – Ultra-modern decorative shape for walls and ceilings.
  • Flame Retardant & Safe – Made of odorless, non-toxic and formaldehyde-free materials.
  • Transforms Room Acoustics – Perfect for home studios, offices, theaters and more.

Poor acoustics can ruin the ambiance of any space. Excessive echo causes sound distortions, while background noise is distracting.

Now you can instantly enhance any environment with the DEKIRU Self-Adhesive Hexagon Soundproofing Acoustic Panels.

Absorbs Echoes & Unwanted Noise

Hard, reflective surfaces in your space cause sound to bounce around aggressively. This creates an echo effect that hurts sound quality.

The high density polyester fiber construction of these acoustic panels absorbs stray sound reflections. This prevents echo, allowing you to hear audio clearly, accurately and without reverberation.

Background noise from appliances, traffic, chatter and more also gets drowned out. With an impressive NRC rating of over 0.92, these acoustic treatments soak up ambient noise that would otherwise interfere with your listening experience or concentration.

Modern Hexagonal Design

Unlike unsightly foam squares, the DEKIRU Acoustic Panels feature an attractive hexagonal shape that enhances décor. The beveled edges add depth, creating captivating geometric patterns when installed.

Available in a lush green color, these soundproofing tiles inject life into lifeless spaces. Their clean, modern styling blends seamlessly into contemporary as well as retro settings. Design your space around these acoustic treatments to create a visually stunning interior.

Versatile for Any Room

With self-adhesive application, these sound absorbing panels can be used to enhance acoustics in all sorts of spaces:

  • Recording and Podcast Studios – Improve audio quality by eliminating reverb and ambient noise.
  • Home Theaters – Get cinema-like sound by reducing echo for clearer dialogue and sound effects.
  • Offices – Increase focus and productivity by reducing distracting sounds.
  • Music Rooms – Hear your instruments resonate accurately without excessive reflections.
  • Garages – Deaden noise to create a peaceful workspace.
  • Gymnasiums – Absorb echoes that are amplified by hard surfaces.

The possibilities are endless! Wherever you need to minimize reverberation and muffle noise, these acoustic wall treatments deliver.

Hassle-Free Application

Installing soundproofing materials has never been easier. The hexagon acoustic panels come with a self-adhesive backing. Just peel off the protective covering and press onto any smooth surface.

In mere minutes, you can stick panels over walls, doors, ceilings and more. The adhesive is extremely strong for a secure grip. Align tiles seamlessly for a flawless look.

Forget about complicated installation kits and chemical adhesives. These sound absorbing panels streamline acoustical treatments with swift no-mess application.

Premium Safe Materials

Made using 100% polyester fiber, the DEKIRU Acoustic Panels are extremely safe and eco-friendly. They contain zero toxic chemicals or formaldehyde. The materials are flame retardant and do not emit any odors.

Carefully engineered to Rigid OEKO-TEX standards, these acoustic tiles are ideal for environments where children and pets spend time. Protect your family’s health while making your interiors look and sound amazing!

Experience the remarkable difference in sound quality offered by the DEKIRU Hexagon Self-Adhesive Acoustic Panels. Their elegant design conceals highly advanced noise blocking science for rooms that sound as good as they look!


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