DiMarzio Black Angel Acoustic Guitar Pickup


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Elevate your acoustic guitar sound with the DiMarzio Black Angel piezo pickup. Specifically designed for steel-string acoustic guitars, this innovative pickup accurately reproduces the true tone of your instrument – adding clarity, richness and dynamics without coloring the sound.

Unparalleled Clarity and Dynamics

At the heart of the Black Angel pickup is a proprietary piezo transducer that captures every nuance and overtone with stunning precision. The custom-designed piezo element has an extended frequency response, ensuring exceptional clarity across the entire tonal spectrum from tight bass to crystalline highs. Complex chords ring out with perfect definition, while single-note runs have improved presence and cut through the mix.

The specialized piezo film also delivers outstanding dynamics, responding instantly to your picking attack or strumming pattern. Lightly fingerpicked passages have remarkable delicacy and depth, while aggressive strumming has all the punch and impact your playing deserves. The Black Angel pickup gives you total dynamic control.

Natural, Balanced Tone

Unlike other undersaddle pickups, the Black Angel won’t overload the mids or highs and cause an unnatural quack or harshness. The custom-voiced piezo element maintains the natural tone balance and voice of your acoustic guitar. Treble notes have shimmer and presence without sounding thin or tinny, while the midrange stays smooth and focused. And you’ll enjoy strong, controlled bass without muddiness.

The Black Angel’s stage-ready tone excels in any live or studio scenario. From intimate coffee shop gigs to large concerts, your acoustic guitar retains its authentic sound character with enough projection to be heard. Record in the studio with confidence knowing the Black Angel accurately captures your true acoustic tone for mixing and playback.

Easy Installation

Installing the Black Angel is straightforward thanks to the hassle-free undersaddle design. No special tools or permanent modifications to your instrument are required. Simply remove the saddle from your guitar, position the pickup element, and re-install the saddle. That’s it! The thin and flexible piezo film conforms to the saddle without compromising fit or altering string spacing.

The Black Angel comes complete with an endpin jack preamp for convenient plug-and-play performance. The integrated preamp boosts the pickup’s output to eliminate the need for additional external preamp boxes or components. A simple volume control and easy-access battery compartment complete the road-ready package.

Designed for Acoustic Guitars

DiMarzio designed every aspect of the Black Angel specifically for acoustic guitars. From the custom-voiced piezo film to the pre-contoured fit, this pickup enhances the sound of your specific instrument rather than changing it like a one-size-fits-all pickup.

The Black Angel works exceptionally well with steel-string acoustics thanks to its tightened low end and sculpted midrange voicing. And the flexible piezo film conforms perfectly to steel-string saddle radiuses for uncompromised fit and tone. Take your Taylor, Martin or Gibson acoustic to the next level with the Black Angel.

For acoustic players who want amplified tone as true to their instrument as possible, the Black Angel Piezo Acoustic Pickup is the answer. Hear your acoustic guitar voice shine with stunning clarity, dynamics and natural tone balance. Order the Black Angel and experience your acoustic amplified, not changed.


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