DINGGUANGHE-CUP 10 Hole 20 Tone Blues Harmonica – Vintage and Portable Musical Instrument for Folk, Country, Bluegrass


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Bring back the classic sounds of Americana with the DINGGUANGHE-CUP 10 hole, 20 tone harmonica. This quality instrument blends tradition with portability, giving you that gritty, bluesy tone in a compact size you can take anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to add harmonica to your folk, country or bluegrass repertoire, jam at home, or busk on the streets, this harmonica has you covered. The 10 hole diatonic design allows for playing both melody and accompaniment in keys like G, C, A and F, while the compact metal comb fits easily in your hands or pocket.

Vintage Blues Harmonica Sounds

While innovations have brought harmonics into the 21st century, nothing quite captures that vintage blues sound like a classic 10 hole harmonica. The sparse, plaintive tones cut straight to the heart, especially on slow, soulful tunes.

This diatonic harmonica features 10 holes with 20 brass reeds. It’s designed in the Richter tuning, optimized for playing chords, rhythm and melody in a select key. The F key tuning and construction give it that archetypal blues harmonica tone.

Whether you’re riffing on a Dylan-style folk tune or channeling Little Walter over a smoky blues progression, this harp will take you back to the roots of American music. The compact size also makes it great for amplified playing.

Portable and Durable

From the campfire to the roadhouse, this little harp is built to travel. The plastic comb and stainless steel cover plates make it durable enough for your pocket, purse or harmonica holder.

It also breaks down easily for cleaning and maintenance. The 10 hole straight line layout helps you orient yourself easily as you play. Cover plates secure the reeds while leaving them free to vibrate.

This portable size makes it ideal for younger players and beginners too. The 10 hole straight layout is easy to navigate. Lightweight and durable, it can handle being tossed in a bag or belt pouch.

Over 100 Years of History

While the 10 hole diatonic harmonica seems like a basic folk instrument, its origins are actually over 190 years old. In 1821, a German teenage named Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann had the idea to put free reeds and pitch pipes together to create the mouth blown instrument.

Over the next decades, innovators developed the double-reed design still used today. In 1857, Matthias Hohner started the iconic Hohner harmonica company in Germany. By the late 1800s, harmonicas were taking American by storm.

This 10 hole Richter tuning became popular because it made playing harmony, chords, and melody on the same harp possible. Front country to blues to rock and roll, iconic musicians have kept the harmonica alive in modern music.


– 10 hole straight line layout with 20 brass reeds
– Key of F major diatonic tuning
– Plastic comb and stainless steel cover plates
– Richter tuning optimized for chords, rhythm, lead play
– Great for blues, rock, country, folk, bluegrass
– Portable and durable
– Easily disassembles for cleaning
– Approx 3.5 inches long

Play It Anywhere

Part of the beauty of the harmonica is its simplicity and portability. This model distills over a century of harmonica-making into a durable, pocket-friendly instrument.

Take it camping to play trail songs and folk tunes around the fire. Break it out with your acoustic guitar or banjo during jam sessions. Use it to add flavor to your vocals or beatboxing.

With a vintage 10 hole diatonic harmonica in your pocket, you’ll always be ready to play. Whether you’re a longtime harp player or looking for your first, this harmonica is built to become part of your daily music.


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