Drum Dampeners Silicone Gel Mute Pads for Tone Control and Overtones


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Control unwanted ringing, overtones, and resonance with this set of 24 drum dampeners from VSN. The soft silicone gel construction of these handy little mute pads adheres securely to drum heads, cymbals, and percussion instruments for targeted damping.

Strategically placed on your kit, these drum dampeners allow you to tune out unwanted overtones and shape your overall drum tones. The textured surface adheres reliably while the smooth bottom creates a tight seal for effective dampening.

The soft gel construction avoids inhibiting sustain or your drum tones. Rather, it eliminates the excessive ringing, allowing your drum’s natural resonance to still shine through. Tighten up muddy drums or dampen ringing cymbals to refine your drum kit’s voice.

Key Features:

  • Set of 24 self-adhesive silicone gel drum dampeners
  • Soft gel construction for secure attachment without residue
  • Textured top surface, smooth bottom seals drum head
  • Target and control overtones and ringing
  • Tune and tighten overall drum kit resonance
  • Avoid muffling sustain and tone
  • Includes multiple sizes for precision damping
  • Place on drums, cymbals, percussion
  • Reusable after washing and drying

Customize Your Drum Tones

A drum’s tone involves a complex interaction of head type, shell material, tuning, playing style, and resonance. Controlling undesirable overtones allows you to customize your kit’s sound.

Strategically placed drum dampeners give you the surgical tone shaping to eliminate ringing and overly resonant drums. Target specific problematic frequencies without squashing your drums’ natural sustain and resonance.

Cymbals also benefit from selective damping. Reduce excess wash while maintaining their essential voice. Hi-hats, crashes, and rides can all be controlled. Even auxiliary percussion like wood blocks and cowbells can be tightened up.

Have a boomy bass drum? Muddy toms? Simply position dampeners where you want less resonance. The result is a tighter, more defined drum kit. The smooth gel construction avoids excessive muffling so tones still sing with articulation.

Dial in Your Sound

Experiment with dampener placement to zone in on the drum tones you want. The set includes a range of sizes from 10mm rounds to larger rectangles giving you precision control over every piece.

Try different patterns and locations to hone in on your ideal tuning. Group multiples to tackle troublesome areas or place individually for targeted spots. Lift and reposition dampeners until your kit sounds exactly as desired.

You can also vary damping amounts by how much surface area is covered. Radial patterns emanating from the center provide moderate control while covering the entire head heavily tames resonance. Let your ears guide you.

Since these drum dampeners are reusable, you can customize setups for different venues and genres. An open jazz club needs less damping than a boomy rock room. Electronic and sampled drums require more muffling than acoustic kits. You get the versatility to adapt.

High Quality Silicone Gel Construction

The soft silicone gel design of these drum dampeners provides a secure seal without inhibiting head vibration. Many dampeners over-muffle your drums. VSN’s materials are specifically engineered to avoid this.

The textured upper surface adheres tightly while the smooth bottom creates an airtight interface with the drum head. This traps air to absorb excess reverberation rather than preventing resonance outright.

Made from non-toxic materials, these drum dampeners are completely safe for all kit components. They won’t mar drum and cymbal finishes. The soft gel protects your gear.

Removing and repositioning the dampeners is effortless with no sticky residue left behind. Once positioned where you want, they stay secured. When it’s time to change your setup, they lift off easily.

Reusable and Easy to Clean

These high quality drum dampeners are built to last. Remove them after gigs or studio sessions and simply wash with mild soap and water. Allow them to completely air dry before reapplying.

The soft silicone material ensures many years of use. Maintain full strength adhesion by keeping them clean. Proper drying also avoids any moisture affecting shell integrity.

Whether you need to tame a boomy kick drum, kill cymbal wash, or tighten up tom rolls, these drum dampeners give you the control you need. Sculpt your ultimate drum tones with precision gel pads from VSN.

Tame the resonance and ring without sacrificing sustain. Give your drums and cymbals the refined, balanced sound you want with this set of 24 drum dampeners.


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