DW DWSM2224 Clamp-On Bass Drum Hoop Spurs – Add Stability to Your Bass Drum


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Take your bass drum performance to the next level with the DW DWSM2224 clamp-on hoop spur system. Customize the stability and angle of your kick drum with these easy to install spurs that attach to the hoop.

Clamp Onto DW Hoops for Sturdy Placement

The DWSM2224 spurs are specifically designed to clamp onto DW bass drum hoops up to 2.3 mm thick. The oversized wing nut allows you to tighten the spurs firmly onto the hoop for optimal hold and vibration resistance.

Once attached, the spurs stay securely in place on your bass drum hoop. You can position them exactly where you want around the circumference of the hoop.

Adjustable Legs for Ideal Kick Angle

Not all drummers play their bass drums flat. The adjustable legs on the DWSM2224 spurs allow you to tilt your bass drum forward or backward to achieve your ideal playing angle.

Simply extend each leg to the desired height and lock in place with the memory lock. You can adjust each leg independently for precision angle adjustment.

The spike tip grips the floor while the wide footprint prevents wobbling and crawling. Your bass drum stays planted exactly how you position it.

Quick and Easy Setup

Mounting these bass drum spurs takes just seconds. Use the wing nut to tighten the clamp around the drum hoop until firmly secured. Adjust the legs to your preferred heights and floor angles. No special tools required!

The spurs install without damage to your drum hoops. And they can be removed just as easily when you need to transport your drum kit.

Enhance Stability and Projection

With the DWSM2224 spurs stabilizing your bass drum, you get better impact and projection with each kick. The added contact points prevent creeping and wobbling so your drum stays fixed under aggressive pedal play.

Dial in the exact drum angle you want to optimize the batter and resonant head response. Keep your bass drum anchored and angled for peak tonal quality and power.

Key Features

– Clamps securely onto DW drum hoops up to 2.3mm thick
– Oversized wing nut for tool-free installation
– Adjustable memory lock legs allow tilt angle customization
– Wide footprint spike tips grip floor surfaces
– Quick and easy setup without drum damage
– Enhances bass drum stability and projection

Take control of your bass drum’s stability and angle for optimal resonance and power. Order the DW DWSM2224 clamp-on drum hoop spurs today!


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