EarthQuaker Devices Palisades V2 Mega Ultimate Overdrive Pedal – The Ultimate Versatile Overdrive for Signature Tones




The EarthQuaker Devices Palisades V2 is the ultimate overdrive pedal designed to provide guitarists with exceptional versatility and tone-shaping capabilities. This powerful stompbox builds on the legendary TS808 overdrive with extensive modifications that take it to the next level. With six distinct clipping voices, five bandwidth settings, two independent gain channels and flexi-switch functionality, the Palisades V2 gives you an almost endless array of overdrive tones at your feet.

Unmatched Versatility with 6 Clipping Voices

At the heart of the Palisades V2 are six unique clipping voices that dramatically shape your overdrive tone. Choose from everything from classic overdrive with rich harmonics to more compressed distortions with controllable gain. The clipping options allow you to dial in the exact overdrive tone you need from smooth lead boosts to heavy rhythm crunch.

The six clipping voices include:

  • Silky smooth Asymmetrical LED clipping
  • Balanced symmetrical silicon clipping
  • Crunchy scholarly diode clipping
  • Slightly gated mosfet clipping
  • Wide-open germanium diode clipping
  • Nuclear radioactive diode clipping

With this range of clipping options, you can conjure up vintage low-gain overdrive, singing lead tones, massive distortion or fuzz-like textures. It’s like having six overdrive pedals in one compact unit.

Shape Your Sound with 5 Bandwidth Settings

In addition to the clipping voices, the Palisades V2 provides tremendous tone-shaping ability with its five distinct bandwidth settings. Cutting or boosting frequency ranges changes the overall tonal character and allows you to home in on your ideal sound.

The bandwidth settings offer:

  • Deep scoop for buzz saw tones
  • Vintage wide-open sound
  • Modern midrange bump
  • Focused mid-punch
  • Bold highs and tight lows

With the bandwidth and clipping options, you can recreate classic overdrive pedals or forge new tones. Fatten up your sound for blues leads or get aggressive midrange punch for metal rhythm parts.

Two Channels for Boosts, Stacks and More

Dual overdrive channels provide even more tonal options. Channel A offers classic overdrive effects while Channel B brings higher gain distortion. Stack the channels for dramatically boosted solos or divide them as a drive and boost.

Channel A captures TS808 mojo with controls for volume, gain and voice. Channel B brings extra grit and a 3-band EQ to shape the tone. Run each channel separately or combine them to form complex drive sounds. The interplay between the channels produces dynamics and tones impossible to achieve with a single drive pedal.

Flexi-Switch for Latching and Momentary Operation

The Palisades V2 incorporates a flexi-switch that provides options for latching or momentary control of the pedal. In latching mode, tap the footswitch once to turn on the effect and tap again to bypass. This is the standard operation for most pedals.

In momentary mode, hold down the footswitch for as long as you want to engage the overdrive effect. As soon as you release the switch, the effect stops. This allows quick bursts of overdrive by just pressing and holding with your foot.

Momentary mode is great for boosting solos, pushing choruses or adding textures during certain passages. The flexi-switch makes it easy to switch between latching and momentary operation as needed.

Road-Ready Performance

The Palisades V2 is built rugged for life on the road. It utilizes relay-based true bypass switching for minimal signal degradation when bypassed. The overdrive circuit itself is all analog for organic, responsive tone.

Power the pedal with a 9-volt DC adapter such as the EHX9.6DC-200BUL power supply. Make sure to use an isolated power source to eliminate noise, hum and interference. The current draw is just 13mA for efficient operation.

For maximum sonic performance, connect your instrument to the Palisades V2 with a high-quality cable. Use short patch cables between pedals to preserve your tone. The Palisades V2 sounds exceptional running direct into an amp or recording interface.

The Ultimate Overdrive Pedal

With extensive tone-shaping controls, dual footswitchable channels, flex-switching and roadworthy construction, the EarthQuaker Devices Palisades V2 takes overdrive versatility to new heights. This pedal provides unmatched capability to craft your own signature overdrive tones. From subtle boosts to raging distortions, the Palisades V2 puts it all at your feet.


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