Eastar 14″ Snare Drum Set – The Ultimate Beginner Drum Kit for Aspiring Drummers


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Every great drummer starts somewhere. If you’re ready to begin your drumming journey, look no further than the Eastar 14″ Snare Drum Set. This complete starter kit has everything the aspiring percussionist needs to start developing rhythmic skills.

At the heart of this set is a top-quality 14″ x 5.5″ snare drum. The drum shell features 10 professional-grade lugs and Remo drum heads that provide a crisp, tight snare response. An internal overtone felt lets you fine-tune the drum’s tone by reducing ring and overtones. The result is a clean, focused snare sound perfect for any genre.

The snare comes mounted on Eastar’s extra-tall snare stand. Adjustable from 26″ to 43″, it accommodates playing in both seated and standing positions. The sturdy tripod base and ergonomic height adjustment make it easy to find the perfect playing angle.

To protect surfaces and dampen noise, the set includes a high-quality silicone practice pad. Attach it to the drum head to reduce volume by up to 80% during practice sessions. It’s a must-have accessory for apartment drummers.

The Eastar drum set also provides everything else you need to start playing:

  • 2 Hickory Drum Sticks: Made from select drumstick-grade wood, these are well-balanced sticks that feel comfortable in your hands.
  • Snare Drum Bag: Safely transport your drum in the custom-fit bag with shoulder strap.
  • Drum Key: Tune and maintain proper drumhead tension.

With its complete selection of high-quality components, the Eastar Snare Drum Set removes any barrier to getting started playing drums. Eastar has perfected key details like shell thickness, bearing edges, and hardware quality – all features that affect tone and playability in subtle but important ways. It’s a drum kit built for the needs of the beginning percussionist.

Start Your Drumming Journey

Learn foundational techniques like drum rolls, flams, paradiddles and more on practice pads. Develop coordination by playing along with songs. As your skills progress, unleash your creativity by using brushes, rimshots, cross stickings, and experimenting with tuning. The Eastar Snare Drum provides versatile features to support you through every stage of your development.

The 14″ size works well for children and teens, while still meeting the needs of adult learners. The compact footprint fits nicely into smaller spaces, so you can practice anywhere – bedroom, dorm room, apartment. While acoustically louder than pads, the included mute pad keeps volume manageable for others.

For drummers of all ages looking to explore their rhythmic potential, the Eastar 14″ Snare Drum Set is the perfect way to begin. Order today and see why customers consistently give it 5 stars for quality and value.


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