Elektron Syntakt Groovebox – 12-Track Drum Machine & Synth


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The Elektron Syntakt completely reimagines groovebox workflow. This revolutionary 12-track drum machine and synthesizer features an intuitive sequencer and deep sound design options.

Syntakt’s 12 tracks let you layer kicks, snares, hi-hats, cymbals, percussion, and synth lines. The sequencer makes creating patterns easy with features like microtiming, trig conditions, and parameter locks. Dive into onboard synth engines like FM, wavetable, and analog-style synthesis to design original sounds.

With dedicated trigger inputs, CV/Gate connectivity, and Overbridge integration, Syntakt gives you total creative control. The compact footprint fits any studio or stage. Experience the new paradigm in groovebox sound and sequencing with the Elektron Syntakt drum machine and synth.


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