Elevate Your Podcast with This Premium Recording Bundle




Turn any space into a professional recording studio with the Podcast Equipment Bundle from ALPOWL. This all-in-one kit contains everything you need to start producing studio-quality podcast episodes right away.

Crisp, Detailed Audio Capture

At the heart of this bundle is the exceptional ALPOWL BM-800 condenser microphone. Built with a cardioid pickup pattern, it records sound from directly in front, reducing unwanted background noise for perfect results. The sturdy, durable construction provides a wide frequency response to capture all the subtle nuances in your voice or instruments. Even at high volumes, it delivers superior audio with low distortion.

Enhance and Customize Your Sound

To add another layer of polish to your recordings, the bundle includes an upgraded ALPOWL Live Sound Card. With this device, you can add 16 different background effects like concert hall and karaoke. There are also 7 podcast and recording modes to optimize settings based on your needs. Use the 4 voice changer modes for something truly unique or engage the special functions like noise elimination and voice overlay.

Reduce Pops, Hisses, and Other Noise

Unwanted sounds like breathing and mouth noises can ruin an otherwise flawless podcast episode. This kit comes prepared with accessories to diminish them. The double-layer pop filter stops pops and crackles from plosives, while the shock mount isolates the mic from vibrations and handling noise.

Flexible, Adjustable Setup

Mount the microphone on the included scissor arm stand for quick positioning. At 26.4 inches long, it provides ample height adjustment and a 13 inch boom arm for close mic placement. The metal construction ensures stability during use. All necessary cables are included for seamless connectivity.

Rave Reviews

With over 500 reviews, this podcasting bundle has earned a 4.4 out of 5 star overall rating on Amazon. Customers love the easy setup, excellent sound quality, and great value. Here’s what they have to say:

“I was worried about the quality of this budget kit but it has really impressed me. The mic sounds very crisp and clear and the sound card adds some great effects.”

“This is a perfect starter kit if you want to get into podcasting without breaking the bank. Quality is good enough for any beginner.”

“So easy to set up with my computer! I was recording top notch audio within minutes of taking it out of the box.”

Premium Results on a Budget

You don’t need an expensive professional studio to record amazing podcasts. This thoughtfully curated bundle provides everything required for studio-quality results at a fraction of the cost.

The ALPOWL BM-800 condenser mic captures rich, detailed sound. Add custom effects with the multi-functional sound card. Reduce ambient noise with the pop filter and shock mount. And adjust the height of the sturdy scissor arm stand to find the perfect position.

With your hosts sounding their very best, you’ll pull listeners in and keep them engaged from start to finish. Give your podcast the quality it deserves without breaking the bank with this powerful bundle from ALPOWL.

Set Contains:

– 1 x ALPOWL BM-800 Condenser Microphone
– 1 x Adjustable Scissor Arm Stand
– 1 x Metal Shock Mount
– 1 x Double-Layer Pop Filter
– 1 x Upgraded Live Sound Card
– 1 x XL to 3.5mm Microphone Cable
– 1 x Power Cord


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