Elgato Stream Deck + White Audio Mixer – Total Control for Content Creators




Take command of your content creation with the Elgato Stream Deck + White Audio Mixer. This innovative console puts tactile control and visual feedback at your fingertips, allowing you to produce polished streams, videos, and more with ease.

At the heart of this console are 15 LCD keys that put one-touch control of multiple apps and actions right on your desktop. The keys’ mini displays visually confirm your commands, while capacitive touch technology gives you responsive, tactile control. Each key can be customized to trigger multiple actions across different programs sequentially or simultaneously. For example, a single key could mute Discord, mute mic in OBS, and switch to your BRB scene – streamlining your workflow.

Below the keys sit three touch strip dials and tab buttons that transform the console into a versatile audio mixer. Control up to three audio sources with the low-noise, analog dials as the tab buttons conveniently swap between them. Visual LCD displays confirm volume levels at a glance, while the touch strips give you smooth, precise control of each source.

Together with the Stream Deck software, the possibilities are endless. Download plugins to integrate your favorite programs like OBS, Twitch, Twitter, Spotify, and more. Profile syncing automatically switches the console between configurations for different programs and workflows. A store offers icons, royalty-free music and SFX to customize your console down to the last detail. Regular software updates unlock new functionality and plugins to keep your console adaptable for years to come.

Total Tactile Control

The Elgato Stream Deck + White Audio Mixer is built for content creators who want to keep their hands on their workflow. The console places tactile, visual control of your apps and audio at your fingertips:

15 LCD Keys – Customizable keys put one-touch control of your apps and actions right on your desktop. The LCD displays visually confirm commands, while capacitive touch technology enables responsive, tactile control.

3 Touch Strip Dials – Smooth, precise dials allow hands-on control of up to 3 audio sources. The easy-to-read LCD displays clearly show volume levels.

Durable Construction – The console chassis features a durable aluminum build to withstand daily use. The keys and dials use high-quality components rated for reliable tactile control.

Profile Syncing – Automatically switch the console interface between different configurations as you swap apps and workflows. For example, go from OBS mixing to audio editing instantly.

Visual Feedback – LCD screens on both keys and dials give you constant visual confirmation that your commands are executed successfully. Take the guesswork out of your tactile control.

Simplify Complex Workflows

Juggling multiple programs and actions during content creation can be overwhelming. The Elgato Stream Deck + White Audio Mixer consolidates complex workflows into one intuitive, tactile interface:

Multi Actions – Trigger multiple actions across different apps with a single key press. For example, mute multiple programs at once or switch scenes in OBS while tweeting to viewers simultaneously.

Sequencing – Program keys to execute actions sequentially, allowing you to automate complex series of commands. This ensures seamless transitions between steps.

Application Switching – Instantly swap the console interface between configurations for different programs and workflows. Go from audio mixing in OBS to editing Wave Link mixes seamlessly.

Dynamic Mixing – Control audio sources and levels on the fly during content creation for smooth, professional-sounding audio. Dedicated LCD displays quickly confirm volume levels.

One-Touch Control – Launch programs, toggle settings, mute audio, switch scenes, tweet updates, and much more with just a tap or turn of dial. Keep your hands on your workflow.

Fully Customizable

The Elgato Stream Deck + White Audio Mixer adapts to your exact needs. Fully customize keys, dials, and software integrations to optimize and personalize your workflow:

Remappable Keys – Assign actions from different programs to any LCD key via drag-and-drop software. Group commonly used actions by app for quick access.

Custom Icons – Easily identify keys at a glance by customizing them with icon files or choosing from hundreds of included options.

Robust Software – Download plugins to integrate control of programs like OBS, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, Spotify, and more. Updates add new plugins and features regularly.

Keypad and DAW Modes – Switch between using the Stream Deck as an audio mixer or MIDI controller for even more creative workflows.

Audio Mixer – Map audio sources to each dial to build custom mixing workflows tailored to your specific apps and needs.

Profiles – Build multiple profiles with different key action mappings and dial configs to instantly swap between workflows.

Start Creating Like a Pro

Step up your content creation and take command of your workflow with the Elgato Stream Deck + White Audio Mixer. With programmable keys, customizable audio mixing, and tight software integrations, this innovative console provides limitless options for professional-level control. The responsive touch interfaces and always-on displays let you execute commands and mix audio precisely and intuitively. Automate complex workflows at the push of a button and put tactile, visual control at your fingertips. For content creators who want to keep their hands on their work, the Elgato Stream Deck + White Audio Mixer is a seriously powerful production partner.


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