EMB Audio Professional Shielded Speaker Cable XLR Male to Female Patch Cords for DJs, Home Studios, Microphones, Instruments and Speakers (6FT/18GA, 1-Pack)


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Connect Your Audio Gear with Confidence Using Top Quality Cables from EMB Audio

If you’re looking for a high quality speaker cable to connect your PA system, amplifiers, mixers, instruments, microphones or other audio equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Introducing the EMB Audio Professional Shielded Speaker Cable with XLR Male to Female connectors.

Engineered to deliver flawless audio signal transfer between your equipment, this premium speaker cable gives you everything you need for crystal clear sound during live performances, recording sessions and more.

Built to Last with Top notch Materials

Constructed using only the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, these braided speaker cables are made to go the distance. The ultra flexible PVC jacket protects a twisted pair of high purity copper conductors, providing resistance to cuts, abrasions and other damage while blocking EM and RF interference.

The result is a rugged speaker cord that will hold up to heavy use on stage or in the studio without compromise. 18AWG wire gauge provides sufficient power handling for even high wattage amps and speakers without signal loss or degradation.

With reinforced stress points and heavy duty construction, you can trust EMB Audio cables to deliver pristine sound show after show.

Secure Connections with Reliable XLR Connectors

On each end you’ll find a threaded XLR connector with gold plated contacts for optimal signal transfer. The classic XLR design provides a tight, secure link between cable and equipment, locking into place with a satisfying click.

Built in strain relief gives added flexibility while preventing stress damage, cracks and loose connections over repeated plugging/unplugging. Full metal connector housings deliver rugged durability along with excellent shielding against interference.

The female ends make connecting and disconnecting fast and easy during load in/out. No more fumbling with tiny connectors in the dark!

Get the Right Cable Length for Your Setup

Available in a range of different lengths, you can get the perfect speaker cable for your particular usage:

  • 6 feet – Great for stage monitor lines, DJ gear, keyboards and medium runs
  • 10 feet – Allows flexibility for mic’ing guitar amps, drum kits and larger spaces
  • 15 feet – Run cables along stage edges, side fills or subwoofers
  • 25 feet – Connect FOH mixers to amp racks, speakers in big venues
  • 50 feet – Cover long cable runs across venues of all sizes
  • 100 feet – Link subwoofers and fill speakers even in huge spaces

Whatever your wiring needs, our selection of cable lengths takes the guesswork out of purchasing the right size.

Built for Clarity and Noise Free Performance

You need cables that can accurately transmit signals without distortion, loss or artifacts that degrade your sound. That’s why our speaker cables are engineered with high quality components and careful construction techniques.

– Premium OFC copper conductors optimized for uncolored audio signal transfer

– Double shielding blocks EM/RF interference that can cause buzzing/static

– Twisted pair design cancels out crosstalk or audio leakage between lines

– Tight, low resistance connections prevent level fluctuations and power loss

– 18AWG size manages high amperage without distortion or signal attenuation

The end result is crystal clear audio with zero noise or inconsistencies show after show. You get pristine tone and clarity from every instrument, vocal and mixer channel thanks to cables engineered for studio grade performance on the road.

Whether you’re running long lines to subwoofers, linking zone mixers and stage monitors or cabling a multi-amp rig, these speaker cables will deliver every time.

Built to Handle High Power Without Overheating

Don’t settle for thin, undersized cables that can’t handle the full output of today’s high powered amps and speakers. Our thick 18AWG construction gives you plenty of headroom for loud, clear sound without distortion even when pushing your system to the limit.

The highly conductive, oxygen free copper conductors manage high amperage flows efficiently without overheating. You get full rated wattage capacity through every cable for flawless performance. The flexible thick jacket resists heat buildup during extended high SPL use.

With our speaker cables, you can crank up the volume without power loss or signal degradation. Why settle for anything less?

EMB Audio Delivers Professional Grade Reliability

Serious musicians, DJs and engineers trust EMB Audio cables to deliver unfailing performance show after show. That’s because we use only premium materials and careful hand soldering in our state of the art production facility. Our cables are rigorously tested to comply with CE, RoHS and UL standards for safety and reliability.

You get the same industrial grade cabling trusted in professional venues, studios and installations worldwide. While cheaper cables may fail routinely, ours will keep your shows running smoothly for years.

For high power speaker cables built to excel through repeated use, choose EMB Audio. Add these workhorse XLR patch cables to your gear bag and never worry about faulty connections or compromised sound again.

Designed with the Performer in Mind

Our cables are made by musicians for musicians. We include features to make your life easier wherever you play:

– Super flexible jacket with high strand count for kink free coiling

– Easy grip XLR housings for fast plugging/unplugging

– Color coded connectors to quickly identify L/R lines

– Abrasion resistant jacket to prevent damage at stress points

– Lightweight, compact and road ready for easy transport

– Available in custom lengths to reduce excess slack

Why settle for generic cables that ignore performer’s needs? EMB Audio cables are purpose built enhance any gig.

Unlock Your Sound System’s Full Potential

Don’t compromise your live sound with low quality cables. Step up to the professional grade reliability of EMB Audio speaker cables! Hear what your amps, mixers, mics and monitors are truly capable of.

Experience crisp, dynamic sound without buzzing, hum or distortion when using our cables. Connect your equipment with confidence using cabling specially engineered to deliver interference free performance for the purest signal transfer.

Buy with total confidence thanks to our satisfaction guarantee and lifetime support promise. We stand behind our premium quality cables for the long haul. You’ll be amazed at the difference high end cables make – or your money back!

Choose from a range of sizes to get the perfect cable for stage, studio or installing a fixed sound system. With EMB Audio speaker cable, you can finally max out your equipment’s potential.

Your Sound Deserves the Best – Add EMB Audio Cables to Your Gear Bag Now!


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