Erica Synths Black Sequencer – Flexible 64-Step Eurorack Sequencer


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The Erica Synths Black Sequencer module brings intuitive sequencing capabilities to your Eurorack modular synthesizer system. With 64 steps per pattern, multiple sync modes, a built-in quantizer, and MIDI connectivity, this sequencer makes it easy to program creative sequences and rhythmic patterns.

4 CV/Gate/Modulation Outputs for Complex Control

At the heart of the Black Sequencer are its four CV/gate/modulation outputs, each with 16 memory slots. Use these outputs to control oscillators, filters, amplifiers, and other modules with independent sequences, melodies, rhythms, and modulation signals. With four sets of 64 steps, you can create intricate evolving patterns and textures.

Quickly Build Sequences with 17 Rotary Encoders

Programming the Black Sequencer is straightforward thanks to its 17 rotary encoders. Simply turn the knobs to set step values for pitch, gate, and modulation per output. LED rings provide visual feedback for each step. You can quickly dial in basslines, arpeggios, rhythms, and more with hands-on control.

Added Variation with Probability, Ratchet, and More

A set of parameter buttons give you additional options for varying your sequences. Add swing or randomness to steps with the probability controls. Use ratchet to repeat steps in rapid fire succession. Shift steps forward or backwards in time. The Black Sequencer makes it easy to get creative.

Quantizer Keeps Sequences in Key

The built-in quantizer keeps your sequences in key by snapping pitch CV values to the nearest note in a scale. Choose from over 20 preset scales or create your own custom tuning. Quantizing allows you to effortlessly program melodic patterns and basslines.

Song Mode for Arranging Patterns

In Song mode, you can chain up to 16 sequence patterns together to create complete compositions. Mute and solo patterns, adjust pattern lengths, and add rest steps between patterns. Use Song mode for everything from live performances to studio productions.

Sync to Eurorack, MIDI, and Analog Clock Sources

The Black Sequencer offers flexible syncing options for tight integration with your system. It can sync to your Eurorack case clock, external MIDI clock, or analog clock sources. Sync multiple Black Sequencers together to expand your sequencing capabilities.

Erica Synths Black Sequencer Features:

  • 42HP Eurorack module
  • 4 CV/gate/modulation outputs
  • 64 steps per pattern
  • 17 rotary encoders for step programming
  • Probability controls, ratchet, and shift
  • Built-in quantizer with 20+ scales
  • Song mode for chaining patterns
  • Sync to Eurorack, MIDI, and analog clock
  • MIDI input for controlling sequences

Take Your Eurorack Sequencing to the Next Level

The Erica Synths Black Sequencer brings new possibilities to your Eurorack modular system for programming melodies, basslines, rhythms, and modulation sequences. With its hands-on interface, versatile feature set, and MIDI connectivity, it’s an essential tool for both studio and live use. If you are looking to expand your Eurorack sequencing abilities, the Black Sequencer is a perfect choice.


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