Erica Synths Mixer II – 3 Channel Analog Mixer Module for Eurorack Synthesizers


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The Erica Synths Mixer II is a compact yet powerful 3 channel analog mixer module designed for Eurorack modular synthesizers. With its simple interface and skiff-friendly design, it’s the perfect solution for mixing and processing audio signals in your modular rig.

Mix and Shape Your Modular Audio

Featuring 3 AC coupled audio inputs, the Mixer II lets you combine and blend signals from oscillators, filters, sequencers, and more. Use it to mix multiple voices for thicker textures or blend modulation sources. Each channel features a dedicated level control knob allowing you to set the volume of each input.

The two outputs let you easily send the mixed audio to different destinations. Route one output to your VCA or filter while sending the other to effects or a recording interface.

High Headroom and Audio Quality

Despite its small size, the Mixer II provides plenty of headroom for handling audio signals. Even when mixing hot, modular-level signals, the mixer stays clean and avoids unwanted distortion.

The high-quality circuit design ensures your audio retains its clarity and detail. All the way from subtle, organic textures to harsh, aggressive tones, the Mixer II accurately captures the nuances of your modular synthesizer.

Compact 30mm Deep Design

The Mixer II maintains Erica Synths’ signature compact design, occupying just 30mm of depth. This slim profile is ideal for fitting in cramped Eurorack cases and skiffs. When space is at a premium, the Mixer II squeezes in to provide essential mixing capabilities without hogging room.

Despite its shallow footprint, there’s no compromise on features. The Mixer II delivers the same functionality you’d expect from larger format mixers. And the sturdy construction ensures durability for years of reliable operation.

Versatile Mixing Applications

The simplicity of the Mixer II allows it to adapt to a variety of mixing and utility roles within your modular setup:

  • Mix oscillator outputs – Blend multiple VCOs to create thick, evolving textures and timbres. Having a dedicated mixer avoids sacrificing VCAs or other modules for level control.
  • Submix drum voices – Shape your drum mix by grouping kick, snare, hi-hat, etc and controlling as a submix.
  • Mix effects returns – Easily incorporate send effects by mixing the wet signal back with the dry sound.
  • Sum modulation sources – Mix modulation like LFOs and envelopes to create complex, continuously evolving signals.
  • Manage CV/gate signals – Mix, attenuate, and split CV signals to route a single source to multiple destinations.

With its straightforward design, the Mixer II brings utility and flexibility to projects of all sizes and complexities. Whether you need to mix a few elements or many, it handles the job with sonic transparency.

Erica Synths Quality

As part of the Erica Synths product family, the Mixer II delivers the same high standards of quality that modular enthusiasts around the world have come to expect. Like all Erica modules, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure flawless performance and reliability.

Every component is carefully sourced and assembled in Latvia. Plus, Erica Synths provides a 2 year worldwide warranty for added peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • 3 x AC coupled inputs
  • 2 x Outputs
  • Dedicated level control per channel
  • High headroom and low noise
  • 30mm deep skiff-friendly design
  • Erica Synths quality and 2 year warranty

Whether you’re looking to add some basic utility mixing to your rack, or want a versatile mixer that can handle anything you throw at it, the Erica Synths Mixer II delivers. Don’t settle for DIY or cheap import mixers. Get the premium quality and sound of Erica Synths for your Eurorack modular synthesizer.


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